Hey guys, I'm new here ☺️

I don't know if i have depression or not.

I woke up at 1am last night and only got 4 hours of sleep. I'm always tired and sad and I've self harmed twice, although they are not big cuts and they are on my legs so my family hasn't noticed yet. 😬 I want to be emo as well. Is this normal?

I want to talk to my parents about this but I don't have the courage to... 😳 I have contacted Childline before but they weren't much help... 😓

Do you think I am depressed? And what should I do?


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  • I really don't think harming yourself is the answer. My god I've suffered from depression for so many years, I've learned every trick in the book to hide and act 'normal'. Self harm is not the answer so please stop that right away. Trust is a difficult thing to find. There's not many people in the world you can trust with sharing your feelings. But being open with your parents is something that you can do. They are the one two people in life you can and must feel you can trust. Not that you'll receive any answers or hear anything like the response you thought... but at least how you feel is out there and given them time for thought can only be good. No more self harming please! 😡

  • I'll try...😟 thank you for answering though ☺️😇

  • Hello Asha

    Welcome to this site, there are young people on here who seem to get good use of this place and We hope that we can help you.

    You say you have self harmed, Have you had words with your GP about the way you feel. Sometimes it can be a good thing to go and attend your Surgery and talk

    At our Surgery we have a web page that young teens etc can discuss their problems, it may be that if your Practice has a web page there with a room where you can visit on site. On our site we also have a magazine section for the young as well. Do your parents understand how you are feeling ?. Sometimes an approach there or take your Mam to your Doctor could be arranged and if you want to talk in private your clinic can do that as well.

    If you need to chat here there are many that are very understanding.. and can advise.

    So do not worry, whatever you do and what you would prefer to do is your decision

    What has caused your problem, ?? We are here to help


  • I don't know what has caused it but I'm too afraid to tell my mum I think I'm depressed, she wouldn't let me go to the go by myself....

  • How old are you ??

    You can go yourself, and some teens go with their Mother and the parent will be asked to leave the room so you can chat with your GP.

    One of the problems depressives have is we become very insular, we worry about what people think about us and this can extend to family members. All is very hard and sometimes your GP can explain your problems to your Parents. It is very important that you have people around you who understands your condition to help you. Understand many people will recover from this condition,

    We are here to help you understand what is going on and possibly control your illness.

    Very few sufferers end up in hospital, most occasions it is a chemical imbalance in the brain and that can be sorted with a course of medications. Sometimes drugs will not need to be taken, it all depends on you and the condition you suffer from.

    Have you been having problems at school. or home, what did Child line say when you phoned ???


  • Hi there,

    One of the main causes of depression is continued stress over a long period of time whose levels never go down. it can cause imbalances with the body and mind. If there is something stressing you up then please tell us, if you want to maybe not descriptive, and somehow we can help reduce the effects of those issues and try to reduce that stress down and also find ways you can occupy your time.

    If you feel you have depression then you can have therapy whether its counselling or CBT but the bottom line is that if you want to start that path to get better you need to act on what they advise you. If you don't then that time is wasted, but a "small" step at a time and you will get there and feel better in yourself.

  • Don't self harm. It won't help make you emo and it won't help you in the long term. Being part of a social group or a labelled group gives you a feeling of acceptance that maybe you're lacking elsewhere?

    It would be better for you to get advice from your GP and find a less self-destructive method of getting your feelings out (like writing, drawing, punching pillows if necessary). You could talk to your parents about how you feel, but maybe not have to explain the self harm at first? Trust goes both ways. Don't shut yourself away from family and friends, it only makes things worse.

    Hope you're ok.

  • Why you want to be emo? There might be a reason, I guess.

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