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bad feelings and really bad urges

I'm 17 and think I need some kind of actual medical help with my depression. Every little thing upset me maximally and I'm hurting more than ever. All I've done for the past couple of weeks is lie in bed, I'm not eating much, sometimes I go days without food. My priorities have completely disappeared and all I think about is how much of a disappointment I am to my parents, my boyfriend and my friends. If I tell my parents about any of this they will dismiss it immediately because they wont understand, but I just need some kind of advice or help. Thank you x

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It's so hard being a teenager all those hormones rushing about trying to kill you. We have all been there. First off there is nothing wrong with you, you are a perfect human being, hard to hear I know.

Second I agree you need someone outside of yourself who can be objective, someone you can trust to see you and say do you know what its all going to be okay and you can do this, because the truth is you can.

I would suggest you talk to your doctor and see what help they can give you, maybe just seeing a councillor for a few weeks will help you back to full health.

Know you aren't alone, know you family and friends love you and this can be temporary if you could just be heard.

People her give great advice and well done on opening up. Ultimately you must do what is best for you, put you first and as you grow and change you will find new ways of coping of becoming you. You are still developing as a person.Be kind to yourself and gentle, let things go and rest as much as you can.

I really feel for you, I really hope you get the help you would like and well done on being so strong, you can do this , inside you are a powerhouse of talent and abilities even if you cant see that right now.

Sending a BIG HUG XX


Thankyou so much :) xx


Can't put it better than Caroline. Go see your GP and have a chat. Best wishes and hugs. Regards Lorna.

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What a horrible place to be

Have you tried child line?

its good you found this site

Lots of non judgemental people here

All is not lost

If you can even ask your Dr for a phone appointment

Small steps

Listen to music and open your window maybe

Keep hoping

We are all rooting for you

K x


Many family members look upon Mental Health as a weakness not an illness. Many do not understand that it is treatable. Some sufferers will after time get better. Sometimes Depression will return at given time, Also a lower percentage will need medications for the rest of their lives.

I have a chronic severe pain condition and sad to say I need help because of that.

Has your GP discussed your problem with you, sometimes it is a good idea to visit the surgery and discus how you feel and He will be able to decide what if any treatment is advisable, sometimes no medications will be prescribed. ??

We here are very good listeners, is there anything we can do to help.???

Your problems are typical when someone has problems or depression, have you been taking examinations last term ???

Tell us what we can do to help



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