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Relationship is finished. This time for good!

It got abusive so i realised it was time to call it a day. I ended up on the floor getting kicked and i am all bruised. In front of my kids as well. I know i have depression and sometimes dont help myself but i didnt ask for that! Never mind. Now to lift my head and get on with things for the kids. That's all i can do. I have been threatened with social services and spat on! X

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Hello Les

If you feel at risk get out of the house and phone the Police They will most probably remove your Partner and arrange for a GP to check your wounds. You need to protect yourself and children and you may need to go to hospital. For a check up and Xrays. I would expect the Police to photograph your wounds etc Good Luck


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Lesley I don't know what to say! Are you ok? Stupid question, you're obviously not ok, but I hope you're not too badly hurt. Did you call the police? No one EVER asks for domestic abuse, whatever they've done. Having depression certainly doesn't make you a worthwhile candidate. Who is supporting you through all this? I am glad you've had the courage to come on here and talk about this x


Hi guys. I am ok. A few bruises and a bit sore but i'll live. Just worried bout the effect on the kids. Luckily the wee boy is only 10 months but my daughter saw and heard most of it. What an absolute sin for her. I should be protecting her from stuff like this. I doubt that he will phone SS. It'd be his worst mistake. My head is all over the shop. Meant to have a uni interview on friday but i can't go if i'm a mess like this :( x


Hi Les

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you.

Les I feel it's important that you go to your GP and he can make

A note of this in your file, at least there would be a record there for

Any future legal or social services problems.

Has he left the home? , if so change your locks immediately,

And I would consult. Solicitor and maybe take out a barring order

Against him. It's an easy procedure to do and can be done fairly

Quickly, as you you have to think of the safety of your children

As well.

Bob has given you sound advice Les.

I'm glad that you posted and you will get a bit of support .

Hannah x

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Meant to say, he has moved out. I have my keys back etc too. X


Les even if you have your keys, please change your locks and

Protect yourself, you cannot take any chances and you don't want

A repeat of this.

Hannah x


Oh dear Les I was always afraid it was going to end badly after what you said. Kick him out, pick yourself up and carry on. You will meet someone one day who will treat you like a princess as you deserve a lot better. Take care Bev xx


Thank you for all the replies. I am off to bed and making an appt with my doc tomorrow to speak to her about my tablets and i will show her my bruises so that it is logged on my record. I feel really lost the now. I find it hard to look in on the situation as i blame myself for everything that went wrong. Thats what happens when u are constantly told that ur depression is the cause of the world's problems and all of ur own. Looking back tho it is clear to see that i have been emotionally abused. 'no one will love you more than me' being the saying that stuck in my head. Yeah u must really love me to kick me as i lie on the floor and to spit right in my face! Raging the now but the kids are my main priority x thank you for all ur kinds words and advice x



Please follow Hannah and Bob's advice. Get this recorded by your GP at least. Given how your ex and his mother are you need to make sure you have made a record of his treatment. Things could get messy going forwards.

Although it will be difficult at least this draws a line under the relationship and allows you to concentrate on the children and yourself.

Good luck and take care,

Sarah x


Thank you x


Can't add much advice as its been said but you obviously lo v e your kids, take care of yourself and them. Hope things improve. Regards Lorna


try listen to Matt Chandler Keep getting up on you tube. Don't go back, I was once the child in that environment and it wrecked both my sister and myself life for many years. My Mum went back... don't do it. You will get on with things just fine. You deserve better and you deserve to be happy as do your kids. Please never go back it won't change. xx


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