My anxiety is at an all time high this morning

Do I make myself at risk of being unemployable in the future if I claim sick pay ESA rather than JSA Job Seekers Allowance. I have been toying with this for hours and cannot decide. It so worries me that I could say/do the wrong thing. I have an appointment at 11 today and can't decide the best way forward for's stressing me out. I've worked all my life never had a sick day not even recently prior to giving up my job....

I completed the form for JSA 3 weeks ago, I have been told I will have sanctions i.e. no JSA for 10 weeks as I voluntarily gave up my job....

I am having CBT and my anxiety is such at the moment that I feel I need a little more time before taking on a job perhaps.....

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  • No it shouldn't affect anything in the future. I remember seeing a person regarding my benefits in the Job Seekers place. They were in fact very sympathetic. I advised they were lucky I even attended as I get too anxious and emotional - this was a few years ago. I'm now on ESA Support, which means I do not need to go for interviews etc or attend courses. After today's interview seek advice from a neutral source regarding ESA - not only does it pay more - there's more available. Good luck.

  • Should have said - Citizens Advice, Adviceline. Also when I said "there's more available" I meant to say - you get additional help, i.e. £130 grant direct to your electric account and dental treatment is free.

  • You'll be FINE, Sue.

    Also, if your anxiety is affecting your mobility and ability to go out on your own, consider applying for DLA help as well.

    Citizen's advice is brilliant - if only the government agencies were so helpful.

    Will be thinking of you



  • Thank you so much for your advice guys I spoke to advice line and spoke to lady at the job seekers place she was quite sympathetic she has put back my appointment and asked me to call her on Monday as I have an appointment with my Dr on Saturday . I have my CBT tomorrow in will ask if they will also have an input maybe a letter for me to confirm in have been going. I am hoping I can still do the voluntary work I had made inroads to doing (only a couple of hrs 2 afternoons a week) I really want to try and get better soon and feel to go do some voluntary work will help that, it won't be easy but will make me do something and not stay at home...

    Thanks again xx

  • With the ESA, it will give you a restbite so you can get yourself together. You can still do voluntary work, and look in the jobs, to see if there's something you could manage.

    The thing is, did you give up your job voluntary or did you HAVE to give up your job, due to the anxiety. There's a big difference, and you must point that out to them, or more stress will be put on you, and that wont help you get better.

    I did wish you every success



  • Thank you B .

    Much appreciate any advice/suggestions on this as I have never experienced the system before I've never been out of work. I had to give my job up, I could see I would sink if I hadn't of....I will explain when I see them that I had to leave as I just couldn't carry on.. I was checking things over again to make sure I had got them right, I new I could have easily made mistakes my mind just couldn't cope with was a stressful role but even so...

    Thanks again xxx

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