a nice thought

I was musing to my partner yesterday about how when i think of happy memories, they are never in winter. I said i can not think of one happy memory in the winter!

...too which he replied "i can think of one"

He said he remembers once picking me up in his sport car (this is going back 6 years) and going for a drive in the snow and he was doing handbreak turns and i was loving it he said.

i thought this was lovely he considered this to be a happy memory from so long ago :) really made me smile.


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5 Replies

  • That's lovely lush. How about Christmas as well? Surely you have happy memories of this? x

  • I guess I do yeah from when I was young :) but that's it. Winter nothing seems to happen. Maybe it will be different this year with my partner. ...We are due to go to Germany for a week to see the xmas markets etc x

  • Oh lucky you would love to go there. Hope you have a great time x

  • I hate winter long dark nights are depressing. :( maybe that's why we don't have good memories

  • That is lovely that he has that memory. I know some people cannot cope with winter, but I quite like it when it is crisp and cold. I have lovely memories of one year when the golfcourse next to my house flooded and then froze over and I went ice-skating outside surrounded by trees on an area the size of a football field and no one else in sight. It was magical.

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