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Hi this is the second week of my medication still feeling LOW ie no get up and go!! just 5mg thought I could do without it but after 11 weeks clean feel back into depression no interest and low all the time.

Well I may have to force myself to attend a self help group does anybody recommend one I live in the Gatley area of Manchester Not in a good place no interest feeling very low

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Hi there and welcome, sorry your not feeling great, but don't most Meds take at

Least a fortnight to work.

I live In Ireland so can't help with self help meeting. Look it up online and

I'm sure you will find one near you, worth a try. You haven't told me a lot about

Your circumstances so it's hard to say any more.



What meds are you on? 5mg seems a very low dose. You could google your local mind group? X


Hi jue1 I am sorry you are feeling like this and I think it is a good idea to attend a self help group. One thing - using swear words is not allowed on the site so could you amend this please? Look at the bottom of your post and you will see 'v'. Click into that then edit.

I used to live in Gatley many years ago on Burnside Road, just round the corner from Gatley Primary School. Very handy when I was at school :d I doubt you will find anything in Gatley as it is too small, but maybe in Cheadle and if not definitely Stockport or Manchester.

I hope you find somewhere. It's a small world isn't it? x


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