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I have had the past five weeks off work due to a build up of problems which made me feel so low that I couldn't stop crying or even get out of bed and motivated.

Went to the doctors and given cilatropram 20mg and after being on them for 4 weeks, apart from not sleeping I have looked back on each week to see how I am coping and have finally seen light at the end of the tunnel.

Feeling anxious going back to work, get today out of the way, first day is always going to be the worse. Not feeling a 100% but getting there and looking for the positives each day.

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  • Great, I'm glad things are looking up for you. Christmas is always a difficult time so you've done well to have coped. Good luck in your recovery. Suex

  • thankyou so much for those comments. work was good with a lot of support from friends which made it easier.

  • I agree with Sue. Are you going back to work on a 'staged return'? If a full day is too much for you at the moment you can ask your employer for this.

    Bev x

  • I decided to just go straight back into work, I work shifts. My boss has said if I find it all too much they will allow me to do stage return. but so far so good.

  • Great news Daffodils and good to hear that your boss is being understanding and willing to help. It looks like you and I were probably sitting in front of our GP's on the same day getting the same prescription! :-) I just wish to ask you, do you understand why you got so low now and have either those issues gone or are you now able to control them? If not, please try to give them some thought because if the triggers are still there, they may just pop up again. Thankfully I have worked out mine, finally bought into the fact that I must move on and am looking positively in to a possible new career which is finally exciting me not scaring the pants of me! Good luck!

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