hi there im struggling to cope lately ive got really bad depression and anxiety / panic attacks ! Im on venlafaxine and quetiapine which at the beginning helped but not so much now ! I go to work feeling rough but as the day goes on is gets a little bit better ! But when i get home if im on my own for to long all i do is cry ! My wife been great but im scared i will drive her away ! (David)

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  • Sorry things are bad.

    Do you manage to talk to your wife about how you are feeling.

    Its natural to feel that you will driver her away - that's the depression speaking and if you are managing to keep communications going unlikely to be any more than that.

    Do you have any way of showing how much you appreciate her, eg buying her some flowers.

  • Yes shes been brilliant no matter what shes there ! I just think im a burden at times because of how much ive changed in the last two years since my sah ! Ive got problem with.short term memory loss which can be a real pain! I had depression before the sah but i find its much worse now i hate how ive turned out ! I get sore muscles and cramps a lot i presume its tension ! Ive had so much support fromy wife and my sisters who have helped me loads ! Take care my.friend amd thank you for taking the times to message me thx

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