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Life is like an iPad

A very good friend gave me her old iPad when she got a new, which was really kind. Now I am using it every day. However, increasingly sites are recommending I update the version, as it's out dated.

Here's the rub: if I update as far as poss to 5.1 then some sites will be great, but other sites will be inaccessible - unless I buy a brand new iPad.

So here's how it's like life. Due to some environmental circumstances, my already rubbish sleep pattern has been more disturbed of late. I was sleeping about 3 hours a night, but that reduced to 2 and was much more restless. So I moved into the office/guest room. My sleep improved & for the first time in 5 years I slept for 4 hours straight. Then....... 5 days later I woke up & as I got up realised that my back was out AGAIN!

So do I update the iPad & lose access to sites I like, or do I stick with what I like?

Do I continue to sleep in the guest room, & suffer & be stuck in, or do I settle for less sleep? Conundrum, catch 22, or just sheer bad luck?

Wishing you all a peaceful, restful weekend. Maybe I'll try a bed of nails!

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I think you should worry least about iPad and Internet and instead go for the best way to get good quality sleep :-) x


You shouldn't lose access to any sites if you update your iPad? Even if you have to update apps etc, your info will all be stored. Sleep is well over rated anyway, just manage without! X


Thanks Lucy. Have a good weekend.


No ipad advice, sorry lol. But, why not invest in a new mattress! My husband and I bought a new bed with a new mattress and at first it was lovely. Then my back problems started getting worse and my husband stated suffering from a bad back. Someone suggested a new mattress, which I was really against since ours was only 18 months old and cost £700! But after 18 months of rubbish sleep and a back so bad that I was occasionally in a wheelchair, we decided enough was enough. We spent 2 hours testing different mattresses before making our decision. We actually decided on a new bed, so our 6 year old some got an early Christmas present of an 18 month old kingsize bed lol. Well, since having the new mattress I've not had to use the wheelchair, I have occasionally used crutches, but nowhere near as much as before. My husband's back is a lot better too. And we're sleeping so much better.

Sorry, rambled on (seems to be my thing tonight). Xx


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