Someone told me today of an acquaintance who is a hoarder and has now been taken into a home

They said she had spiders as big as a hand there. I hate spiders and can't stop thinking of ones 'as big as your hand'. It'smade me feel all sick and shakey. I only saw her the other day and wish I had known of that than. I just know I am going to have one of my spider nightmares tonight.


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  • Reading through my post I am thinking how selfish I am being thinking about me and not about my acquaintance. Apparently she had only a very small space where she sat and I can't believe I didn't know anything about it. Hope she is ok.

  • Cough!! Now I won't be able to sleep at all! :-)

  • Sorry SLSL :) x

  • I like you hate spiders,but as my mum used to tell me as a kid' they're more frightened of you than you are of them' never been sure if that's true lol,but makes me feel braver! Sam xx (hope your friends ok in her in her home,bless her)

  • Fortunately I'm not scared of spiders, the ones I get in my house are so big they leave footprints. Don't know if this will help, (not sure how accurate it is) I was told the bigger the spider the closer to death it is.

    Either way, you are bigger than the spider. Hope you don't have anymore nightmares.


  • We had a HUGE spider in our cloakroom last night - I sprayed it with all sorts of horrible things - and felt bad about being cruel to it - but still fee4l nervous whenever I go to the loo. Sad really because spiders are totally harmless (apart from poisonous ones).


  • So I take it arachnophobia is not on your list of top ten films then?! X

  • I don't mind spiders. I just put them on a piece of kitchen paper and put

    Them out the window.

    Hope everyone is good today.

    Hannah x

  • Same here or if they are really big I shepherd them into a glass and put a bit of card on top. I don't like killing things. I collected lots of snails in my garden one morning the other week and just couldn't kill them. So I took them in the ice cream container to a local common with the dog and released them back into the wild!

    Hannah I hope you are doing okay. Big hugs.

    Sarah xxx

  • I know where the fear comes from. When I was a kid I was with my mother in the bathroom and she pulled a loo brush out of it's holder and this huge hairy black spider ran out. She freaked out and so did I. I cannot to this day pull a loo brush out of the holder. :) x

  • Hi Cough.

    I'm not even going to comment on the state of your toilet bowl!!.

    Ah poor little spiders. Xx

    Hannah xx

  • :) Hannah. I am not coming to visit you if you have spiders! :p x

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