How to know your and alcoholic what to do etc


Quick heads up on 'you and yours' radio 4 right now is a programme about alcoholics and what to do about it and their experiences, if you are one, how to cut down etc.

By the time I type this it may be over but if you look on radio 4 extra they will replay it there the next day or maybe even load it later today and then it should be available I think and for a few days.

Today is 12th August 12.44. I only suggesting this as they seem to be giving good support and ideas about how you may cope and cut down and talking to those who can control drink, a partner and those who couldnt.

I hope thats helpful


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  • Sounds interesting Caroline.Thanks for posting up about this. Gemma X

  • Gemma often I don't know how I would survive without radio 4 and.... the library :-)

    I am NOT including the Archers in that...ha ha.

  • Snap. I love the radio and the library. Don't forget radio 4 extra. And you have to listen the Archers

    occasionally if just for the theme tune after the 7pm news update.

    Sarah x

  • ewwww the Archers, seems like everytime I turn on radio 4 there are there! grrrr.

    Luuurve Radio 4 extra, especially the dramas, if I have a bad migraine I can just lay in the dark and it helps distract my mind, unless of course its one of those headaches where any sound causes a problem. Also when Im feeling down at night a good murder mystery can take me out of myself and of course comedy and Hancock's Half Hour :-)

    The library... FREE BOOKS, why you couldn't make t up! Fantastic!!!

    I'm off there today with my mum whose an avid reader, I like the pictures.... ha ha. No actually picking up a book about Programming....sooo romantic...not! Hate work

    What do you love Sarah?


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