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Another post


I don't really know what to right. If we are here, i think it's because we all suffer from depression no?

So, more post about "what i call depression"? No, just one post to say to all of you, you're not alone.

We all suffer, we all need help. We have to help each other. You're not alone and you are loved.

We are not alone.

Another "sick" girl. xx

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Yes you are right, comfort in numbers x


If you have read i'm post i guess you're "sick" too?

Do you need help?

I don't think of myself as 'sick', no. I have depression which means that sometimes I struggle to find happiness.

You're right, you're not sick.

But, we are victims of depression so in a way we are sick.. Do you understand?

In the sense of an illness making you sick, you have the correct terminology I suppose.


For me, I'm sick.

I'm an other part of the population.

Sometimes I think I don't deserve life.

And you? Do you see yourself like all of the others?

Yeh I think I deserve life, although I don't always enjoy it as much as other people perhaps do. As for seeing myself like the others - who are they?

You're lucky!

I don't think like you.

I'm talking about the others, without depression, without this demons and this war in their heads.

I know what you mean when you talk about the war in your head. I've felt like that. I try to remind myself that moat people are wrestling with aspects of their lives that they aren't happy with. For me it's having depression, for someone else is something else.

So for you no one is really happy?

I don't know how happy other people are, and I don't really care! There's only one person's happiness I am responsible for, and that's my own.

I guess you're right.

For helping people, can we have to help ourselves first?

What do you mean?

Like, do we have to fix ourselves first before trying to fix other broken souls?

We aren't responsible for other people's happiness.

But if we could help ?

Hi there I'm not sure I agree with you at all. I have suffered from Depression but I don't consider myself sick or that different than

Anyone .

As Lucy says we are only responsible for ourselves. You seem to have

A different view, I do find it a bit negative, you cannot stereotype

Anyone. Everyone in life has some problems, that's what life is.

But no I don't want to view myself as " sick" . I'm me living, and

Getting on with life, it has lots of happy times too.


Yes, i think we have different point of view!

I consider myself as sick not just because I have depression.

-another young girl :) xx

Well I would always try and help someone if they wanted or needed it, but it's not my duty to.

Hello, me again

Another girl, please don't view yourself as sick. Yes, depression is an illness, but that's all it is. Don't stigmatise yourself. I am quite scared at the moment because of the thoughts that are going through my mind, and so I joined this site last night, but I will not accept to think of myself as sick in that sense. Life has dealt us some not so good cards, we may have a chemical imbalance (hereditary or otherwise achieved) and we may think generally with a more negative outlook as a result, but sick and different to others we are not! This can happen to the best of us. I'm usually feeling better at nights and I know to or will wake up anxious and upset, but I am sure that it must get better.

Helping others is important, our duty ethically, so as long as we have the capacity to do so, but first we have to help ourselves so we can be strong. That is the first lesson I have learned in the last two weeks. Nobody helped me prevent what happened to me. My workload pushed me over the edge but nobody took work off me. My husband would never cancel any of his engagements so that I am not sitting here lonely. My parents didn't worry about the impact it would have on me for being alcoholics when I was little and all the abuse that came with it. So now, I have to swallow the bitter pill that nobody will sort my problems out for me. Does not mean I don't want to help others. I held down a high-powered job in a corporate working myself silly while husband is having fun playing guitar, AND worked every weekend in a charity shop and did fundraising events. Then I broke down. What use was that for? Who benefits now? Nobody. I have to find a way first to look after myself, before I can save the world (which is not possible anyway). And so do you. Don't be harsh on yourself, be good to yourself. I even ate a banana tonight - achievement!!! X

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Thanks for this message!

I don't know, I see myself as sick, because I have others mentally illness, so yes for me I'm crazy and sick.

But I don't see people with depression like sick persons..

You're history is really bad.. But I hope you're proud of you! You seem to be a strong and a good person!

Oh! I love bananas!

-another young girl xx

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What illness do you have, or you think you have, if you don't mind me asking? Just so I understand you a bit better. Please don't call yourself crazy. X

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I don't really know the names in English,

But I have mentally illness like paranoia, skyzophrenia, I'm bipolar and other stuff :(

I call myself like that, because this is who I am.. Or this is how I see myself.

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Are you sure you have all this at once?

Do you see a doctor sometimes?

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Yes, I have seen 4 or 5 doctors always saying me that I have this illness..

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You can't have all illnesses at once.

Ask to be seen again, tell your doctor to make his mind up WHAT the ONE illness is you have, and tell him to arrange treatment for you.

Keep eating eggs :-) bananas, and drink 2 litres of water every day. Do some sports. Get lots of sleep. Don't argue with your parents, save your energy. X

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I dont Know.. 5 of them told me the same.. But maybe i'm saying wrong things i dont really Know the medical words in English..


Yes ahah don't worry!

This is impossible haven't argues with my parents... ._.

Hi Another Girl , it's nice getting to

Know you a bit. Please don't call yourself any names like " crazy" or stuff.

You are you a lovely bright kind young


I agree with Silke that it would be good exactly what your suffering from. None

Of these illnesses in itself are awful in any wAy, see them as a Name, The main

Thing is to know what you can do to

Help yourself

We will also try and support you, so

Remember your NOT alone.

Your right to eat well and try and chat to

Parents , have you sisters or brothers?

Nice to have a bright young girl here.


Hannah. X

Hello Hannah!

You're sweet! Thank you for saying me this things. I dont Know.. Ok, this is just n'a mes but this is a big part of me..

Thanks for not leaving me! This is what i needed to hear.

I can't talk to my parents they Are taken with my two little sisters (they have illness) and i dont really talk to them.. We argue more..

Thank you a lot!

Sweet hugs!

-another young girl xx

Hi Silke I'm glad you ate something, you have to start bit by bit to taking

Charge and responsibility for your health and well being. I am feeling sad right now

And am going to write a little post .


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Hannah, why.. Was it something I said? Will try to find your post. Still confused with the message functions here. You were the first who picked me up, please I hope nothing I said made you sad :(

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Oh no Silke of course it's nothing you said. I should have explained

It a bit better. I hope you feel a bit better today. I had a good sleep.

Which was really needed.

Talk later Silke , have you anyone calling today from the MentAl

Health Team. ?

Silke talk to you later.

Hannah xx

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Hey Hannah,

Good to hear you slept well! Yes I figured later, when you wrote your post.

I'm not so good this morning. Was on a high last night feeling good, eventually must have fallen asleep around 2pm, and woke up nervous and panicked, as always.

Health team was supposed to deliver meds last night but called to say it will be today, but no clue when. They are a bit all over the place and I don't get much 1:1 support, well I had that one hour with the guy yesterday but I sense I'm getting on his nerves and he is always fiddling with his mobile, and always running late.

At 1.50 I have appointment for blood test and dreading it.

Sorry :-( not meaning to spread sadness around. It's so unpredictable with these mood swings.

Please give us some news after your appointment. xxx

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