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The Lunatic

Well, I don't really regard myself as a lunatic ... but I do love running out in the moonlight and we've had some really lovely moonlit nights in the last few days - went for a 2+ mile run down a local sustrans route and back after I got in this evening - there was a bit down a footpath that wasn't quite so enjoyable because god had managed to put the moon in just the wrong place and it was shining straight into my eyes ... well as much as it could do through the steamed up glasses - one of the hazzards of air temperature being so cold ... but it was worth it to have a bit running back to the sustrans route with the moon directly behind me.

I think it's having a shadow that I really enjoy - even at night you can have a shadow and it's a great feeling ... for me and Peter Pan at least.

Looks like it's going to be the weekend before I get to see the boyfriend ... at least the weekend. Part ordered for his car was the wrong part. Bit of me wants to throw the toys out of the pram but I'd rather get on with something else and not put myself through the trouble of having to pick them all up again afterwards. Got plenty that I could be doing tomorrow - including a look at the gears on the pushbike - think the cogs on top gear need a good clean as I can't use it at the moment because it just slips all the time.

Just been kissed by a cat - and strangely wasn't the one I thought it was - but her sister - just a visitor from a couple of doors down. Like she's decided I'm okay all of a sudden because up until today she was always hiding from me when she saw me ... not that I really want to encourage her to spend all of her time here.

Time for a cup of tea and some telly and the crossword.

Next morning

Addendum: looked at the bike first thing this morning - cleared up the cog and oiled the chain and it's now working okay in top gear - suspect it was the oil that was really needed - my dad always used to despair of me and oil when it came to the bike :)

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perhaps she recognizes you as a fellow creature of the night......one good thing about winter is that you can get out under the stars and not be seen as a potential burglar..


Hi Gambit you must live in the country, I envy you running In The moonlight,

It sounds very relaxing.

I think your wise not to get annoyed with the boyfriend , it just means enjoying

Doing something else instead. I really admire your attitude to things . I find

That keeping busy with little projects works for me.

Take care.



Little bit annoyed with the boyfriend for ruling out any possibility of meeting nearer his place though he has good reasons on one level ... may be annoyed is wrong word because it actually feels like a wound rather than anger ... mainly it's frustration with the universe though. He left a baseball cap last time he came and it's starting to feel like a bit of a jinx ... really feel like posting it back to him just to get it out of the house :)


I love the anaology of throwing the toys out of the pram and having to pick them all back up again. Clever. I agree with Hannah - you always have such a positive attitude :)


Hi Gambit I think you could be the new Whywhy of this site with all your helpful advice, wise words and sense of humour! If she could ever be replaced that is,still seems weird her not being here for everyone



Thanks Ruby ... I presume you came to this post from the daily email, as it is actually on one of the depression forums rather than the anxiety forum. I'm afraid I don't actually visit the anxiety forum that much - is a bit too much activity for me. Mind you , yesterday seems to have been quite a busy day on this forum as well :)



I love the idea of frolicking in the moonlight although I'm not sure I could run at the moment due to excess weight! Also like your ability to maintain a sense of humour, always a good sign for health. Enjoy the playfulness!



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