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Seriously need help

I am feeling really emotional and i recognisse its good to let it all out. I really want these horrible feelings i have to stop and then i am getting stressed as i dont like it. I feel like i just cant cope anymore and my life was fine up until six months. I have had a delayed reaction and whilst i want to move on...just feel helpless. I honeslty feel like if i dont combat this soon...i just wont be able to take anymore....

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Oh Raynbow, I understand how incredibly hard it is to imagine a time when you'll be happy again.

Try not to think of it as something you want to suddenly disappear completely, because it's not going to. Dealing with depression is about tackling the wall brick by brick. Go for the loose bits at the top first, they're the quick fixes. Get help for the stubborn parts and before you know it, you'll be able to see a way through. It doesn't matter if you never completely remove the wall, I don't think anyone ever does.

Keep posting your thoughts and feelings, there's always someone here to listen x


Thankyou Lucy34.... Is just been a nightmare few minths and i just cant see myself getting through it. I was see,ing a guy from work, and he cheated on me. I really just want a new job and there arent any...and if there are they lower pay...alot less...i feel stupid and stuck


I've replied to your other post. You've got no reason whatsoever to feel stupid. You've done nothing wrong. I've had periods in recent years where I've honestly thought I would NEVER feel better. That there's absolutely nothing in the world worth getting up for. I look back and I can't understand how I felt that bleak. You will feel better soon enough, I promise x


Thankyou Lucy34... Its just difficult as problems at work, and cant really,talk to,colleagues..As have to do work / be profressional etc. i just want to get back to happy me


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