Stir Crazy - Make it stop raining or the loo roll gets it

Stir Crazy - Make it stop raining or the loo roll gets it

Not sure which of the kittens was responsible but this was the sight that greeted me when I got home with the weekly shop at lunch time.

After some minor surgery the loo roll is expected to make a recovery - at least to the extent that it will be able to lead a complete life, though I'm a bit worried about what might happen to him when I go out in a few minutes to take my mother out to one of the local garden centres for tea.

Generally feeling okay - managed to cope with a couple of really irritating people without losing it earlier in the week - managing to keep it together with work - just hope I can keep it all together with my mother this afternoon - and just remember that she isn't the person that she was and the memory just doesn't exist in the same way.


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2 Replies

  • Gambit that's looks all too familiar to me. Luna has shredded Loo Roll

    Syndrome. It made me giggle, it goes with the territory .

    You sound in good form . Enjoy your time with your Mum and be good

    To yourself too.

    Hug to you


  • I had one cat who used to sit on the loo and wheel the loo-roll round so it slowly unraveled across the floor ... in his younger days he destroyed loo rolls and kitchen rolls but it calmed down so rather hoping it's just a phase :)

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