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Why have things changed?

Haven't posted on the forum for a little while. Although I have been keeping up to speed with everyone's posts.

Not sure what's happened, but all was going really well and suddenly in the last month, I've felt really low again. Can't really identify why. Finding it hard to get up, get to work and through the day. I get home and just simply can't do anything constructive. Haven't gone to my exercise/social things for a while. Just get home, get ready for bed really early and have a couple of glasses of wine and eat chocolate. I know my diet has gone to pot, hoiuse gone to pot etc.

Keep thinking things will just turn around again. I do hope so.

Sue xx

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I am sure they will turn around again for you. I had been keeping very well then a couple weeks ago found myself in tears all the time and feeling very low.Am pleased to say that it has passed as it will for you. I like the wine and chocolate... good for the soul. You will be ok , rest and try and relax that mind and all will be well. Thinking of you, Julie xx


Thanks Julie. You're quite right, I need to relax my mind. Glad to hear your bad time passed. Hope I can follow that pattern. xx


Hope things turn around soon.

Have said before that studies have shown that sometimes in depression action and motivation get switched round and it isn't until you start doing something that you feel like doing it. Hope you manage to get out to one of your exercise/social things even if you don't feel like it - may be it will give you the energy to get back on track


Good advice. Thanks. My experiences certainly match the findings of the study. xx


I turn to food all the time when I'm low. It's usually my first indicator that something's not right. It's good that you've been able to identify fairly quickly that you're not feeling right. Better that way than co finding to slip for a long time and it being harder to get back up. Do you think you'll go to the doctor and hav a chat, or just see how things go? X


Thanks. I did wonder about going to see the doctor. I'll maybe give it a little longer. Try and find a way of getting back on track over the next couple of weeks and if it's still bad, make an appointment. Thanks. Sue xx


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