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So many things going wrong

So many things are happening right now especially the last 2/3 days.

The job centre are making me work for 30 hours in a charity shop to earn my benefits and it's getting too much. I'm constantly on edge when I'm there and panicky.

The charity shop volunteers are going to an animal charity and they want me to wear a hi-vis jacket for 2 hours to show people into the coach. I hate bring the centre of attention and the thought of having to do that tomorrow. I'm planning on phoning sick in the morning because I can't handle it.

Today I was supposed to do a work trial but missed the bus and phoned in saying I couldn't make it. They were okay but the job centre are going to find out and as I haven't gone back to the charity shop they'll stop my money.

I'm now in my room and can't face the outside world. I feel trapped and alone and can't cope with it all.

Got a doctors appointment tomorrow as some people on here already know. Should I tell them about all this? Too many things are happening that I can't cope with. Could they help me do less hours? Because until them I can't cope with all the pressure.

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Yes definately explain to the doctor that what you are being asked to do is too much for you right now. It is a terrible shame that people are being forced into situations they can't cope with like this. If they'd have started you on one or two half days a week then maybe you would have managed but it sounds like you are being pushed into something that is too much for you right now.

Do definately tell the doctor and explain and see if you can get onto Employment Support Allowance rather than Job Seekers if it's Job seekers you are on. Tell the doctor you have a lot of problems with anxiety and this is making you more ill (which it is)

Best of luck. Just tell the doctor everything you have put here and make sure you do keep in contact with the job centre but just explain to them the difficulties you are having.

Gemma x



If you have a GP appointment tell Him of your fears,that is all I can suggest.

When I was at work many years ago it was not a given that we would wear high vis jackets and we would only wear them when we were working in a dangerous location like on a builders site or a main road etc.

Now they seem to wear then as a badge of honour and sometimes I feel personally that sometimes this request is ott. All I can really say is you have to buckle down to your employers requirements, you are an employee and if you had an accident they could possibly say you failed to wear protective clothing and you would be unable to claim damages.

You need to be very careful that the charity does not turn round and say you have failed to undertake your contract of employment and send you back. to the job centre or associated department and that could be the end of your benefit.

Of course tomorrow your GP may have some say in the type of work you can do and therefore could contact the job centre, although I just do not know how He could help.



Hi Caroline I did say in your last post to see the doctor and s/he can give you a letter to take to the jobcentre limiting your hours. Your best bet now is to see if the doctor will give you a sick note so the jobcentre can't sanction you. Tell the doctor exactly what is going on and they will help all they can. x

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Hi Caroline

I know how you must feel. I loathe being the centre of attention. However one good thing about uniforms or hi vis I found is that people see the clothes rather than you. Have you ever seen a road worker or lollipop man and kinda not even looked at their face? You just sort of do what they say out of habit. No one judges them or argues with them because the jacket gives them a sort of anonymous authority. Is that any help?

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Isn't that a bit selfish? I mean you shouldn't really get things for free in life just because you are alive, I am full time employee, one of the main reasons why I'm so depressed is my job, is so shit is ridiculous, but I don't quit because I need the money and I don't expect others to support me by paying my bills and feed me with nothing in exchange. Talk to the job center and ask if you can do another job instead since that one makes you do uncomfortable things that don't help with your depression. I knew joining this site was a mistake.


I think even Jesus gave fishes and loaves for free :-)

ZND118 some people on here are reeeeallly ill, I mean so ill they cant leave the house. The fear Caroline1933 feels maybe so bad that for you and I it would be like walking outside naked and expecting everyone to be okay with it.

There's a difference between being depressed because life isnt going your way and full blown depression. I feel you and I fall into the first category and thank God for that. People here cope with so much and we don't know Caroline1933's story, what's happened to her in the past or how she has got here.

I know its hard for you, it's awful being in a job you hate, but please don't judge people like Caroline1933 harshly it doesn't help her and she needs help. It's no good pretending she hasn't got a problem when she has big problems and sweeping them under the carpet and saying come along pull your socks up could really set her back. She could end up breaking down or well i dont know all sorts.

We have become so materialistic that we can't see that all people deserve respect just for being alive ( if they abuse that respect thats another story).

I'm not having ago I just would like you to understand there is more at stake here. If Caroline is treated gently eventually she could flourish, flower and after all we all only have one life.

You aren't working to keep her on unemployement you are working because the big corporations and ultra rich don't pay their tax. If the large companies paid a 10th of what they owe we would not be in debt! But the properganda media machine like to push this point of people on the dole being a drain. This recession was a direct result of the banks and the bankers nothing to do with the little people, but we are all paying.

Its not fair and I would like to see you flourish ZND118 I am very sorry your life is hard. But I suspect that we, in our blackest moments in the depths of despair, only feel a quarter of what Caroline1933 feels because she deals with that fear allll the time.

Anyway I hope you don't mind me saying ZND118 and I hope I have come across intelligently and clearly.

You know its always easier to get a job with a job is there no hope of you looking for something new?

Good Luck, whatever you decide.


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