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Wish I could stop shaking

I have essential tremor, so have a mild hand and head tremor, which doesn't really bother me, but at times I have this dreadful shaky feeling inside. Last night I mislaid something very important - about to have another look, but getting down on the floor makes my back pain intolerable. The depression is pretty bad, too. I have a pain clinic appointment for 22nd November.

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Sorry to hear about the tremor. Does sound that you have more than your fair share to cope with - no wonder housework is so difficult!

A week ago I managed to misplace my purse and the newspaper and went around the house several times - gave up and went for a shower - and then got a friend to help me look when they popped in just after I got out of the shower - purse was actually where I thought it should have been, but I'd checked and couldn't find it ... and I'd put the newspaper out in the recycling with the previous days papers ... though I'd also checked there once. Hope that the new attempt works and you are successful.

Also hope that the pain clinic goes well though 22nd November does sound a long time away.


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