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Had enough today

everything has built up and today ive had enough, feel like drinking to oblivion.

I am not good enough.

Left my oldest she is 7 to cry herself to sleep. . . All because i asked her to bring her drink cup down this morning and she didnt and we have the rule if udont bring it down then no drink for bed til you do.

I feel awful.

Also my bf lost a family member last wk and so i want to be there for her but seem to just be another burden to her atm.

I feel useless in everysense of the word.

I didnt even do house work today just curled up on sofa and slept.

I am no good. . . .

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It was a tough weekend.

Hope you didn't drink to oblivion and tomorrow is a brighter day.

Big virtual hug



We all feel like that sometimes, but it's the depression talking.

You're not useless and I'm sure you are not a burden to anyone. Tomorrow is always another chance for a good day :)


We all have days like this... that's the lousy stuff depression does. But , hopefully , tomorrow will be a better day for you. No-one is useless and children try and test you at the best of times. Good for sticking to your guns.... your daughter will have learnt to bring the cup down in future..... mission accomplished. Being a Mum with all the other things life brings can be pretty tough. Hugs to you and take care. xx


Thank you for your kind words.

The grey cloud seems to still be over my head today and the children weren't the easiest to get ready. Apparently they hate school (they are happy once they there) just makes me feel I've walked into a brick wall.

Mother is coming over this morning too. That fills me with dread.

Tomorrow is another day. . . I've just got to muddle thro this one. . . .


Hi, I remember those feelings and my children saying how unhappy they were at school, my daughter clinging to me crying and saying it would be alright if I was there. I felt useless as you do, completely helpless, but just let her express how she felt and now both my children are happy and successful adults. Just trust that if you love them they will turn out ok so long as you can let them be, let them feel what they feel even if it makes you feel bad, and talk with them, even about how you feel and why. It will not be burdening them but will enable them to know it isn't about them. You are a good mum, the fact that you care about how they are demonstrates that. Stop beating yourself up! I know it's hard to do, but give yourself some love too.



Cookie I know how you feel, I think we all do, as we've all been through it at some stage or another, and will be


The only good thing you can cling on to is that you know it'll pass, and in the meantime, try and be good to

yourself and realise you are worth it, and tell yourself that over and over again, until you'll have to believe it!!

thinking of you, hope you feel better soon,

Big hug n love, Holly Xx


Sounds like good old depression to me..


We have good days,,, thank god for those, otherwise we wouldnt appreciate them and the memory of them when we have the bad days. Hang on, just say to yourself this is just a bad day, not the end of the world. A good day might be on its way. Take care, and give your daughter a big hug and say you love her x


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