hey guys

Hi guys just a brief update, I saw the crisis team today because I broke down in frnt of doc, anyway from tomorrow I'm being put on a care package, ill see a psychiatrist everyday who will also discuss my meds, also going to have cbt, group sessions, crisis team support wellbeing guidance, the crisis team said there going to put me on an intensive package so I'm rather scared whats to come especially the psychiatrist xxx


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  • Blimey Phil!!! Your really lucky to be getting all that help so soon!! I'm really pleased. Listen, try not to be scared, it's all positive steps to help you recover!! Just take each day as it comes, it's about time they took things more seriously. Thank god for your doctor 👍

  • Hi angep, my doctor is absolutely brilliant, I broke down in front of here she started giving me crisis numbers etc then said no infact wait here ill ring them for you, shes upped my sertralaine to 100mg gave me a sick note for 4 weeks, then when the crisis team come I was in tears in front basically it all come out so they said there going to put me on this package, y biggest fear is seeing a psychiatrist, I don't know whats involved x

  • She sounds really good , they have a lot of power when they want too!! I've never seen a psychiatrist so don't know on that one!! what are you afraid of?

  • been absolutely great with me, think I'm scared whats involved with a psychiatrist x

  • It's my understanding they do an assessment on you to try find out what may be the cause of you feeling the way you do!! Past events!! Obviously this is through talking to you, they can then put together a treatment plan for you.

  • Hiya Phil,

    Sorry that you're feeling so low. Really good to hear your local team are taking it seriously and getting you some good help.

    I saw a consultant psychiatrist a few times whilst I was still with the crisis team, he usually discussed symptoms (I had a family member present too, as we're not always aware of our own actions/behaviour), and offered recommendations mostly regarding medication. He was very approachable. Not as intimidating as his title suggested. :)

  • I was in and out of my appt today within less than fifteen mins and two weeks ago I took an overdose .. I have been offered all kinds but haven't got it .. Hope you get all your treatments .. I think different councils are better than others .. You sound like u have a good doctor too .. I need to find one of them myself

  • Hello Phil. It's wonderful to know that you are getting loads of help!!

    Please DO NOT be anxious abour seeing a psychiatrist because there is no need. You'll be asked some questions. Be 100% open and honest. That's all you need to do. If you have any questions, write them down so you don't forget.


  • Hi lizbet thank u for ur reply, it's the first time I've had to see a psychiatrist and my ex said exactly the same, tell them as much as possible about everything I've been thru in the past the more I tell the better the outcome hopefully x

  • Yep ☺

  • Keep us informed of your progress please phil176uk

  • Actually, Phil, it all sounds good! I'm glad for you that you will be getting this care and attention. Its natural to be a little nervous about speaking with the psychiatrist--but honest!--it will go ok! You'll see. He/she is NOT there to judge you but to help you figure things out... Just be 100% honest with him... Don't try to say what you think he might 'want you to say.' :) Good luck to you and take good care!

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