alone and cross

Its Monday morning, we all have our own live to be getting on with, things making me cross include, Ii have had three mental health assesments in one year, Ii havnt had a phone call from anyone all year, I have mailed someone and they aint replied, I called, mailed and knocked the door of someone and they sent me a text saying cheif last night, I asked for therapy over a month ago and aint had any, the safer neighbourhoods were supposed to call by saterday and didn't, I have a answer phone message for someone else from nhs, my house is a mess,.

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  • Hello

    Have you not been to the doctor to see what they recommend, also it is advisable to get a copy of the doctors letter as you are entitled too a copy, What is your problem, in some areas the lists can be very long meaning you.could wait a while before treatment will start

    I cannot understand where the house in a mess comes into this, have they done an assessment for a cleaner.

    Have you got your diagnosis and are you taking medications. They may think you do not need

  • Hi

    It sounds as though you are feeling isolated, rejected and unwanted, and are not getting the support you need. I wonder whether you have friends you can turn to or whether you are also socially isolated. We all need a social network but it is really hard to build one up especially when we struggle with negative feelings as well. I wonder whether there are any organisations you can join locally in order to meet people outside the system because it sounds as though you feel the system is letting you down and not meeting your needs. Depending upon where you live you could volunteer with the local branch of Mind as that would help you to meet people as well as to help someone else. They may be able to provide you with a volunteer who would help you to tidy up the house. If things are really bad and you are no longer coping with life then it is important you see your GP or phone the local mental health team if you are not already known to them. You need some support.

    What about writing more on here about the difficulties you are struggling with? People on here do respond whenever we can and usually within a few days as we all know how important it is to have support when we need it.


  • I have had three mental health assesments in one year, I am on welfare, the attitude I get from 'friends' is help yourself no one else will, Im like, 'I don't know maybe being on welfare is a comparitve income to a postman?'

  • Hi sounds like you are v.. Isolated. Could you back to your GP. Are you on Medication?

    I think you need to sit down and say " what can I do to help myself". If you could make

    A start at tidying up your place. That is something we all have to do. No one else is

    Coming here to clean my place. No matter how bad I feel.

    Keep posting here and you will get support but you also need to take action, even if

    It's 15 mins of cleaning. You are probably stronger than you think but just need

    Support and encouragement


  • I have not read your replys yet, I have made a scene in public, its not a big deal though, I don't see what the NHS has got to do with it? Where are the police? I am long term unemployed, I have had a hard time, I am trying every day to get back to work with zero support, and zero honesty from family, nhs, police all across the board. Where is the genuine help? I have no money, looking after me is expensive, tomorrows a new day, I have had three assesments in the last year? why cant I get help without it being on someone else terms? I aint done anything except lose my cool verbally, I am not putting up with being reprimanded with section 2 or section 3 for shouting,

  • I have asked for therapy, I have asked for counciling, I have repeatedly called the safer neighbourhoods and asked for help, where is the genuine support for me? when I am honest, I get, use medication, this is not acceptable, it is not good enough to use prescriptions as a quick fix solution, how can you justify giving antipsychotics to teenagers? where is the genuine dialogue about this between me and the nhs?

  • You should not reprimand someone in custody with a section 2 or a section 3 and keep them in a hospital for 28 days or six months respoectivly, for shouting in public.

  • I don't care if someone is shouting at a full size Godzilla outside a primary school, you should not reprimand the in custody with a section two or section three.

  • Thankyou for your responses, I am a real person and I understand you are real people too and it is my privalige when you help.

  • I am sorry to hear about your problems with mental health providers. They are far from perfect but they are all we have. They do work on a 'one size fits all' system. it doesn't but they haven't got the funds for a more tailored approach. Or the will unfortunately. It sounds like your friends aren't any help. The only thing I will say on this is that one of my sisters has serious problems and when I try to help her she shouts at me. I have my own problems and can't deal with being shouted at. So I now keep quiet and try and keep out of her affairs. Hope you find some peace.

    Bev x

  • I am worried about section 2 and 3, I can stand up for myself, I can look after myself, cook, I can leave here tonight and never come back, and I will be fine.When I lose my cool, I can be held accountable, I can see the error of my ways, I respect the law. I cannot cope with the threat of strangers coming to my home, and they have the right to move me by force to a hospital, that is the biggest liberty in the UK.

  • In 2010, one day I woke up and felt sick, I had to start work, so I walked around the block.

    I took me half an hour for the walk, it should have taken ten minutes though. I had to sit down several times, I was a bright days, but I kept blanking out, like a sunlight mist.

    I went to work, but started passing out behind the cheese counter. So I went back home to rest.

    That evening I ordered Chinese food for delivery, noodles, sweet and sour, and chilli beef.

    That night I was very unwell, I was sick on the bathtub, and the floor, the I started passing out, and standing up.

    It was so bad that before I could call an ambulance, I had passed out three times on the way to the phone.

    I had a la8ugh nand a joke with the ambulance drivers but when they carried me in to a and e in a chair I passed out. Then a nurse lady took some blood, but I passed out. Then she told me I had lost a lot of blood internal.

    Then I was in A and E blood came out of my mouthy like Dolmio twice,

    Then I waS taken through some corridor and in a lift,

    then I was taken back because I had lost too much blood to x ray,

    then I was told I was very sick and I was in intensive care

    All the while I had blood dripped in my veins in my arms and neck,

    Then I was sent too sleepo with general anaesthetic,

    When I woke up I had and large wound on my abdomen, and a button to press when I wanted pain relief,

    I took 200 shots of morphine in about two days, and dreamt about a warzone in the jungle,

    so cat me some slack xxxx

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