Feeling alone

Hi has been a while since i had sucidal thoughts but they are happening again not too bad but i feel it gettimg worse.I feel really alone i have friends but i dont feel close to them and i dont tell people my feelings. I have no one to talk to and i have started cutting again i feel like i shouldnt be here and just want to go away someone message me please :)

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  • It's very hard to talk to people in real life about suicidal feelings. Sometimes speaking anonymously on places like this can be really helpful, as we won't be clouded with our own take on your situation. Whoever you do decide to talk to, it's important to share feelings like you're having. If you'd like to tell us a bit more about how you're feeling, it might help? X

  • Wise words from Lucy. Have you been to the doctors? Tell us more please we are all here to listen. xx

  • hi abs, I am sorry to hear you feel you are getting worse. Please contact the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 or by emailing jo@samaritans.org

    I also think you need to talk to your gp about things too.

    I'll be back on tomorrow evening, Please come back on and tell us how you are.



  • It's really hard for me to read a post like this my brother took his own life 8 years ago he started cutting himself then od twice which I never knew until the police told my family my mother asked him if he wanted me too go and see him as he was on anti - depressants he said no I'm ok a week later his was dead .

    The fact your taking about it and telling the world and not hiding it you need professional help get it

    Say how you feel your only 16 your whole life is in front of you does your parents know how your feel ? Speak to the Samaritans if you live in the uk ?

    I have to live with it every single day that I never went too vist him it's horrible

    Read this metanoia .org please

  • Oh Abs, how awful that you're feeling like this. I'm not going to patronise you and say I know exactly how you feel because I don't, we all get these feelings and thoughts for completely different reasons. I have however been where you are now. I over dosed, I've self harmed and I've also thought the world was better off without me. I'm feeling so much better now, don't get me wrong when I'm really low I still struggle not to cut myself but it's a lot easier than it was when I was that low. I've only just joined so don't know if you can send messages on here but I'm always happy to listen if you want to speak to someone who has been through it. It's definitely worth talking to a professional as well though. Some places have sessions for young people to come and speak to someone about their feelings, have a look to see if there's anything like that around you. Huge hugs, don't let those thoughts beat you. Xx

  • Hi abs

    Sounds like you have been stuck in this cycle of self harm for some time now and we are all feeling for you at the moment.

    A lot of good advise has been put out there so keep talking to as many people as you can, especially the Samaritans as they can help so much when at crisis point.

    How have things been in between the worst periods? Sometimes the most work you can do for yourself is when you are in a slightly better place than you are right now, so that each time things start going wrong you learn techniques to help you from slipping to far down.

    Things aren’t going to get better over night, but you have incredible strength inside you and a wonderful world around you that you have not been able to fully experienced yet. Life can get much better and doesn't need to keep going the way it has been.

    There are some lovely people of your own age here as well, which might be easier for you to relate to. You are not alone and we all want you to know we are here for you xxxx

    lots of Hugs xxxx

  • Hey there I'd been quite the way you are a couple days ago. People like us who doesn't tell their feelings will many times feel lonely and isolated but we just don't tell our feelings so we can only bear with the loneliness. Try listening to some soothing music or go to an orchestra or a show or something they're pretty motivating at times. All the best to you and I hope the next time you feel like cutting cut a paper flower or something instead x


  • I know how you feel. I thought things would be better and I do hope they will. Unfortunately I'm very alone and pretty broke. The only thing I have left is hope or a bottle of pills which might be my only hope in the end:) good luck with everything.

  • hi quah, loneliness can feel a terrible thing, but i urge you not to feel that way, you have friends here, maybe not quite the same thing, but we are all real people that genially care xx.

    Hope can never be found in a bottle of pills, and even if you think they will give relief, you will have then deprived yourself of something truly great that could be just around the corner? life is over in a flash, as hard as it can be, it an also be wonderful to experience things like just feeling warm sand between your toes on a sandy beach, or watching the autumn leaves change colour.

    I sometimes feel lonliness and miss a life i once had, but have now learnt to invest my time in other pleasures like hobbies which take up my time and stop me thinking too much. it's not always possible to focus, and a constant battle to forget the past and think forward, but as we can't change the past, I guess all we can do is move forward in a continual search .....a bit like the film In pursute of happiness :-)

    hugs to you, xxxx

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my message. I realise that my thoughts let me down. Yet I have really tried to change my circumstances and be positive. The results are loneliness, a brick wall stopping chances in life and poverty. I can idealise in an Ekhart Tolle manner but a bit of help would be most appreciated. Or is the universe telling me to give up? ...

  • I think sometimes we would all like to change our circumstances, but that is not always the immediate problem although it feels like it. it's more trying to find that even with shit all around us we have the incredible facility inside us to find something to laugh at, something that can make being here on this planet viable.

    When the darkness begins to clear you really can start to see the world differntly, see the little things that matter more than the major ones.

    Don't get me wrong I have lived through all sorts of hardships in the past with poverty that I lost faith completely and just wanted a way out, it's so hard sometime to even believe that it will end and something better will take it's place, but it did for me, and the problems that came after are always differnt, never expected and sometimes send me back into a downward spiral. Each time I come out of it life then offers some nice surprises as well as challanges, and the nice things are really worth living for.

    I have never managed to cure my depression and do slip back down sometimes, but luckily the one thing about being older is I also can remember some of the good times and can see a pattern of ups and downs, i can't ever see these when I am down and then need so much help to get me back, sometimes we cannot do this alone it's just too difficult, so it's nice to come to places like this and find friends that speak the same language and just understand.

    Don't believe the life you are currently living is how it will always be, the world is constantly changing and you along with it, don't ever deprive for self of the happiness you can give to yourself, just by starting to direct some of your commpassion towards yourself.

    Hugs, Moni xxx

  • You are absolutely right. I'm just tired of being alone. I'm not young either. The being alone thing has always been there.

    Best wishes and thank you.


  • You are absolutely right. I'm just tired of being alone. I'm not young either. The being alone thing has always been there.

    Best wishes and thank you.


  • Hi

    It's hard to be feeling as bad as you do. You say you have no-one to talk to and we all need people to share our feelings with - why not see your GP and ask to be referred to a counsellor or therapist so you can begin to share you feelings and feel better?


  • Yes I need to. I just feel pathetic as I just finished some sessions. The problem is that I'm very alone and have no one to talk to at all. What's the point of existing then. And I have little money. The pills seem very enticing. If Robin Williams can so can I.

  • I am sincerely sorry you feel that way quah.

    No-one will ever know what caused Robin Williams to take his life - people "say" he had money troubles, manic depression/bi-polar, parkinsons and other problems, worries and concerns we are unaware of.

    He made that decision.

    Many others don't.

    Whatever reasons bring a person to commit suicide, it is a final act.

    I can only suggest that if you feel you have no alternative, please talk to the samaritans first. 08457 90 90 90

    I'm not saying that they can fix you in a phone call.

    But just maybe, there might be some small spark of hope that may help you at least postpone things. - I can't say what, I just hope.

    keep coming on and talking with us.



  • Thank you for caring. If I can't have real contact with a person at least an email is something. Yes I will ring the Samaritans.

  • thankyou.

  • How are you feeling abs?

    please keep coming back on.

  • Hi I'm the same, I have people around me but know one to talk to. How do you get to be able to talk to some one. I can't just start talking to some one, I don't go out much. I always think that people will use my illness against me.

  • I'm in the same situation. Everything I try fails. I'm a mere shadow taking space on the planet for no reason. A few very bad people have ensured that I remain nonexistent. So I shall. I hate bothering people so I won't. Good luck with everything.

  • I would like to thank the people who took the time to speak with me. I have tried to find real people around me but without any luck. The universe seems to be pointing me in the direction of suicide. Two of my closest friends have treated me in a most appalling way which is indicative of just how little my life means to anyone. I'm on the brink of poverty and despair. Everything I try leads me nowhere. The only thing left for me are my pills. We live in an ugly world. I just can't keep trying only to be defeated. Best wishes to all of you.

  • Quah, i have had suicide thoughts also. The strongest was when Robin williams went that way. I was numb. Didnt know what to think. I have a couple friends and a husband. But they dont want to hear how down i am. It shocks them att imes. But usually they end conversation with ok. Thats it. Thonly reason i didnt commit suicide was for my grandkids. There is hope they will be my friend.

    Know that you are not alone. As time went on, those thoughts lightened. Still there but not strong.

    I have bipolar. Seeing the counselor is helping some.

    Hang in there. One moment at a time.

    Oh, one thing i do is type everything out that is running through my head. Then i email it to myself. Dont open it for couple days. Se if you are better.

    Take care and keep writing

  • I tried to phone a counsellor and no one phoned me back...

  • Hi quah,

    Was it the Samaritans you phoned? I know they are open 24/7 so they'll be open all night and it's probably their busiest time actually. Hang in there, they may be snowed under, it is a Friday night but still worth a try. I'm sorry I don't know what else to say.

    Take care hope you can find something x

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