So much to do!

For about 9 years, since Mum died, I've let things go at home. Towards the end of last year something cropped up and I did make quite a bit of progress. Unfortunately since health problems in the New Year I've let things slip back to worse than they were before!

I'm now taking steps to get straight - ideally really straight - but find it very tiring. I'm trying to work on two fronts - 'To do' lists - with the details and Mind Maps - to give me a grasp of the bigger picture. I'm also putting some things on GumTree and Freecycle, as well as various other things, like stepping down from some rat-related things. I'm trying to watch my finances, too.

This afternoon I'm doing a two-hour volunteering stint at the library, but am feeling rather shaky etc. It's hard to know how much is due to the polymyalgia, the steroids or possible fibromyalgia as well.

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  • What's the latest with the boiler? X

  • Postponed until the 2nd, thank goodness. It's only a replacement for a more modern model - unfortunately re-located!

  • Ah good Luck with decluttering, don't be too hard on yourself. I sometimes let my place go a bit too, even though I live alone with one cat. I have a small apartment, but when I am Depressed I leave things everywhere. Then I have a big clean up. Pace yourself, and make a list of stuff to do even 15 minutes a day.

    Hannah x

  • HI

    this feels SO familiar to me as we are hoping to downsize and have hoardes of things that we love but need to get rid of. I can imagine how you are feeling with the fibro as well as I have that. Don't be too hard on yourself, you are human and can only manage to do what you can. I try to let myself do things in waves when I can and the rest of the time try to switch off from thinking about it all which is easier said than done. Freecyle are great aren't they! I use them and e-bay and charity shops as well. What are Mind Maps?

    I hope you feel less swamped soon. I find it goes in ups and downs, probably you do too.

    Take care,


  • Mind Maps were popularised by the writer Tony Buzan. You draw a circle representing something - e.g. depression. Round it you draw a selection of symbols or circles representing contributing things - e.g. finance, pets, house etc. and for each continue adding linked areas - then I put a series of lines indicating what I can do - e.g. under 'Finance' - 'Selling' - things that can be sold on GumTree or eBay, Finance - savings - avoid - eating out, newspapers etc., under Pets - clean cages - cages listed one by one. There's quite a bit on it in the library,

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