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Im a girl,me and my mum dont get on very much,im majorly self cousios over my body,because of a stomache oulser i have which gives me a weird dent im my belly. So i began to worry about what other people think more and more. I have stopped eating as much,and every morning when i wake up i think about death,like what if i didnt wake up. What if i died today? I have self harmed. On my hip. Its ugly.

Im starting to wonder weather im suffering from depression.

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Is there a counsellor at school you could talk to?

Sounds like you need to go and see your GP as well - particulary if you are not eating and self-harming.

By the way, its quite common for girls not to get on with their mothers,


please go and see your gp,



hi i think you are suffering from depression and need medication. have you seen your gp yet?


Doesnt medication make you worse though


no medication makes you better.


medication is to make you better not worse. some counselling will make you better as well.


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