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Falling apart


Very pushed for time now, so I'll write more later. I'm in a Housing Association property and am supposed to be having my boiler replaced. We seem to be having some problems about the arrangements and I'm in a state of sheer panic etc. as last time the particular gas company were involved they caused me serious problems.

I'm also awaiting a back procedure on Thursday and have some pet problems. At the moment I'm struggling with self-harm thoughts etc/

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Hi, This boiler is reallly causing you problems isn't it. You have my sympathies. I hate it when strangers (and often even people I know) come to my house. So sorry to hear about pet problems. Hope your ratties are OK. Wishing you luck for Thursday. Hopefully once you've got Thursday over and the boiler is sorted things will start looking up for you. Take care. Sue xx

It can seem as if everything comes at once and it's easy for panic to set in especially these visits to the hospital. I freaked out last time it it was ok in the end. I hope you can find some calm in the middle of all the panic. Best wishes. ;)

I'm feeling as concerned about this boiler as you are! It's caused you so much distress hasn't it? What's happening with the pets? Is the procedure for the sciatica you mentioned a few weeks ago? My mum had that done and said It changed her life. Thinking of you x

The current boiler is fine! The Housing Association have decided they should be replaced by new models - in a better place. The major problem is the company they use. Last year, without saying anything to me, they reported inadequate access etc. This time I think they have the date mixed up - but actually I'd like it a couple of weeks later as I have radio-frequency ablation in a couple of nerves in my back, and may have more pain temporarily. I just don't trust this company.

At the moment my pain - both from disc problems and polymyalgia rheumatica is a devil, but the anxiety is almost sending me into breakdown, and I did harm mildly yesterday. Later today I want to do cleaning and sorting out, and also need to do a big cage-cleaning session before Thursday. On Saturday I have a big rat show - fortunately with transport, and my main five shouldn't need too much attention to 'nails and tails!'

I feel so sorry for one old girl who had an operation last week and has complications. She hates wearing a yellow bandage. Because I've only just had her, she doesn't trust me and is very scared!

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