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Wondering what new pills to try if any ??

I have been on about 6 different pills for my depression , Prozac , citaloprame and have just given up on Lofepramine , they were aweful .. I have been refered to a therapist who I am told can give me combinations to try but I am so fed up with side effects. I have a 14 days supply of sleeping pills ,they help a bit but not much and I am dreading running out of them.

Any advise would be most welcome

Love Sharon xx

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Have you tried Venlafaxine and/or Reboxetine (Duloxetine)?



HI there ,

No iv not would you reccomend them at all ?

sharon x



The trouble with asking people for advice about meds is that their replies will be relevant to them but probably not to you! We all have different bio-chemical make ups so meds affect each of us differently although there are some common factors like whether they are anti-anxiety or ante-depressants.

If you are fed up with side effects which I can really identify with, can you ask to be referred for a different kind of treatment? You don't say how long you have been depressed for, the kind of depressive symptoms you get or whether you think the depression is linked to any particular life events but depending upon all those there are other kind of treatments than meds. You have a right to choose your treatment so if you are fed up with side effects of meds you might consider e.g. CBT or CAT or psychodynamic therapy - it really depends upon the factors I've mentioned. If you feel like writing more about them I can suggest possible sources of help as will other people on the website.

Sleeping tablets can be great short term but are often not a long term answer - but in the meantime while you are waiting for other kinds of help you could see your GP and ask for another month's supply of sleeping tablets if you want to take them daily.



The reason you have tried many pills is because your brain has stopped producing the chemicals needed to function properly.

Everyone goes through this, and it is or canbe a long process. Part of depression is having sleeping problems.

watch tv, or do something you fancy doing, baking or fixing a bike, anything, the tiredness will follow. Just go with the flow of things. you cant fight it, just go with it. Your ill, and it may take time.

But when you have found the right drug that will replenish the drug for you,,, then the good days come , one at a time at first , but things get lighter slowly.

Your ill, accept that, treat yourself well, pampering . Record your good days and bad days see if theres a pattern. Doctors can learn from your experiances.

Ask to see a psychiatrist, maybe they might be able to spread some light on some new meds. ???? take care Linda



Both Linda and Sue are perfectly correct.

The essence of finding the right drug for you is something that takes time.

I'm afraid it isn't a particularly quick experience and I agree, some of the side effects are pretty depressing in their own right - I recall a particular drug that gave me a very upset tummy for about two months - bad enough for me not to want to go more than ten yards from the lavatory - which wasn't exactly ideal for a person already suffering from social anxiety.

I simply don't own enough pairs of brown trousers.

I do think the doctors are sometimes feeling in the dark when they are treating mental health with medication.

Mental illness in all its forms can be caused by so many different factors, or combinations of factors, that make it a bit hit and miss until the right drug, or combination of drugs is found to help the individual effectively. It isn't the same as, for example, a broken leg that need resetting and traction to repair, or an infection that can easily be fixed up by a course of anti - biotics.

That being said, the guesses they make are informed guesses.

They ARE groping in the dark, but they do have a very good idea of where the furniture is located.

Talk to the doctor, tell him what is happening, to the best of your ability and he will probably suggest something for you.

Don't spend hours reading the internet, your doctor knows you and will attempt to treat you, not a generic internet readership.

Do be patient. This is a long bloody haul. Many drugs take a long time to start being effective and the perception of the changes in mood they bring about are sometimes imperceptible at first.

It takes time.

Hang in there



As others have said, it is a trial and error exercise as people vary so much in their metabolism.. For me, the most effective medications are venlafaxine and some of the much older, tricyclic medications - especially clomipramine and nortriptyline. As I am on the latter for pain I'm in process of changing totally to that.

Good luck.



Hi everyone and ty so much for the kind replies

At the moment I am in hell. The isolation and being so lonely is killing me . I lost Mam 11 months ago , my daughter left home and I moved to a flat I hate. All I do all day is cry and wish I was dead , Iv only got 14 days of sleeping pills , I am not taking any meds for my depression Iv given up on them ,

I can not stand living alone . I dnt want to do anything but wallow , I know everyone will say you cannt , I have zero interest in life. Guys Pills will never fix this right. I am so desperate all I wanna do is die, Sorry.

Sharon xx


Hi there, You need to first treat the Depression and then come to terms with your lifes circumstances. Be guided by a Doctor and stick with the treatment, otherwise you will be wasting your time. If you start a proper regime you will make progress, but really there is no pill or antidepressant that can change our lifes cirstumcances. You must do a lot of work on yourself and the antidepressants, usually give you a breathing space to make the changes. That has been my experience, I too live alone, and dont have any supportive family, but if I dont help myself, no one is going to help me. I had to climb out of my pit and starting doing little things for me, I realised that no one else could do it for me. I wanted to get better that I would have walked on hot coals to get out of this Depression.

Sleeping pills are not the answer for Depression, I think you must put yourself in good hands of a doctor and start to make tiny little changes, its painful but its the only way, there is no magic pill, I wish there were but no. Hope you make a bit of progress now.

There is a lot of hope but you must take the first step, its hard but the rewards are a life and happiness too.

Take care of yourself.



Hi Hannah ,

I have been refered for councelling but its what to do in the meantime. I am not a strong person I am pathetic and weak I know this . I am so sad everyday and lonely. I hate my life. I do know that only I can help myself but I am so low at the mo I dont know what to do. I do know your right and your advice means alot to me but I can not cope living on my own , Id rather be dead,

Sharon xx


The thoughts come and everything seems hopeless but you are I'll and when you feel better you will be better able to cope and make choices about what to do next. It's the illness making you feel this way. Your daughter needs you coz you're her mum. Please hang on in there and go back to the GP for some direction on the meds. Best wishes.


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