I have woken,4am, cant sleep, it seems to be linked to my periods. (depression too)

I have woken,4am, cant sleep, it seems to be linked to my periods. (depression too)

but being positive with my time, I have made a cuppa, and done two lots of washing. 5am was nice and light with the birds singing, it looks so beautiful at this time of the morning, (not so much in winter). I would go for a bike ride, but just waiting for the tiredness to hit, and then off to the land of nodd, maybe next time:) same time next month. (thoughts of my situation, with my kids, on my mind, but I told the thoughts to stop, as Im fed up with them :)

Now I know why my gran used to do the gardening at 3am in the morning, she couldnt sleep either:) how history repeats itself. thoughts to you all x Linda

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  • Linda

    Sorry to hear you can't sleep...at least you have done something positive with the time.

    I always wake up early in the morning...I can't seem to sleep past 4.30 ish and you are right it's the nicest part of the day...no pressure then is there?

    I have had a bad week myself this week; it happens. I have gone through menopause so I can't blame it on that; I keep sleeping and my son thinks I am lazy and has told me so; bless him he doesn't understand that you just get tired and want to sleep...and I can't tell him I am depressed and feel rubbish, it's just too much pressure when he's doing his A levels.

    Just do what you feel like doing...and if you can't, don't beat yourself

    up. x

  • Glad you have managed to be so positive about the affliction - there's a lot of information about PMDD on the Question 'When I feel anxious I'm haunted by thoughts of how nice death would be, posted by coatpin. It might be worth taking a look printing some of it out, particularly if you have a significiant number of symptoms.

    Are you currently being treated for depression?

    hope the period starts soon ... I don't suffer particularly from sleeplessness pre-period - but do get hugely anxious and always find myself getting to the point where I really just want the period to start so it all stops ... generally I'm lucky and don't have to contend with period pains :)

  • thanks gambit, I have suffered alone for years it was kind of you, that I was able to print out and give my daughters,, they suffer too, it seems. I just deal with it, makes your life a misery if you dont. yes I feel quite anxious, I like to have a fag when that happens. I get the taste for sparking wine, too, god knows why,,, usually a day or so before a period.

    I will always have meds, its herditory. I have been keeping a dairy, last month it was three days before a period, sleeplessness nights. then one day of sleeping my head off.

    Try carbs like bread or toast, 2 hourly it regulates your blood sugars,, so may calm those anxiety feeings and the grrrr.

    I was diagnosed by a doctor in harley street, and this is what seems to help, bread,,not with jam, keep the tea and coffee, to a min. try not to have sweets,, as this makes the blood sugars go sky high, and the plumits,,, which doesnt make you feel good.

    I get sore boobs, full ness, period cramps. migraine,. sleepy days,, lack of concentration. lo lol Im a mess :)

  • Im 53, cant wait for the periods to stop,,,happy days!!!

  • 53? I was hoping mine would be gone by 40 ...

    My periods ruin my life. They are so painful and so heavy. I've stayed in all weekend because of it this time round. I get tearful, short tempered and i'm generally just an awful person to be around.

    But I wake up at silly o'clock anyway, with or without my aunt flo! X

  • HI Coatpin, you were great to be so positive, and do a few chores when you cannot sleep. I do things like that too, and think its mad but funny. I live in an apartment block and once I could not sleep at all and started decluttering all my paper stuff, and leaving a few bags of paper waste down to basement for Green Bins, luckily I met no one, as they would be thinking what is she doing so late, but then I could think the same about them too. I make a nice cuppa and do a few things, You sound a v.positive type too which is great.

    take care


  • You are too, positive ,, good thinking,,, I made some chocolate biscuits once with chips in them, I left them on two trays, in the kitchen to cool, one side had special something in them, then after my marothan cook out, I went to bed.

    Well then teenage kids eat them, they said they were lovely, lol jees I didnt think they would touch them. Usually they would ask.

    I dont care what people think,,, as a hundred people would think many different things,, who cares,,, but one thing I do say is,,, when they pay my bills, and pay my council tax, thats when they can havesome say in my life. Untill then they can fffff off.

    I find at first when I was having trouble I used to get quite upset,,but whats the point just made it harder to sleep.

    When I felt pms,,, or gggrrr feelings I would go to the gym, or swim loads of lengths. Putting negative energy into positive energy. Thats how I coped!!

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