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So now I have a name for my problem.... depression

Hi all! I have been feeling really down and fatigued for the last 3 years. I have been to to my MD a number of times, and found out I was anaemic, and also low on Vitamin D. Yesterday o went in again, and this time MD put me on Lexapro. So here we go.... How do I work towards overcomingvthis down feeling? My MD suggested counseling. But I don't really think I need it. She also said reading self-help books could help me. Where do I start? How do I know which books to begin with? My depression isn't severe from the stand-point that most days I can function. I still go to work and church. But my housework gets behind. And I feel worthless.

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Hiddawn first of all welcome. Im glad to see you are seeking help from you doctor thats the first step in beating your depression please dont feel alone we are all here to help each other!regards your md offering you counselling It does work for some but not every one its worth trying! It may take a while but you will eventually. Get better take each day as a it comes i wish you well


Take to offer for CBT from your GP. We are always here if you have the need to chat.



I was anaemic several years ago and the doctor put me on iron, folic acid, and vitamin C. My mood changed, felt more energetic - hope your doctor advises you about this instead of just Vitamin D and Lexapro. (takes 4-6 weeks for effects to start working on this drug)


Hi there,

You say you are anaemic and there are a number of things you can try that don't require medication. I've been trying a few tricks myself that i think might help with iron levels. I have a small iron/steel object in my pocket, which is quite heavy and when I go for a walk at lunchtime i keep rubbing my fingers on this object with a strong essence of iron/steel on my fingers. I also used practise to sharpen wood chisels so my hands used to covered in oil and powdery steel/stone mixture. some time later later when i accidentally cut myself, went to put the wound in my mouth to control the blood flow i realized that there was a strong essence of iron smell in the blood. what I can advise you to do is get a 4 or 5 inch nail from a local hardware store and keep that in your pocket, whenever you walk keep rubbing it with your fingers. this is why wearing mild steel or copper bracelets help our body by rubbing very small quantities of it into our skin which ends up into our bloodstream and over the longer course of time benefit us immensely.

Another way is to make a water cordial. from online you should be able to buy a small cast iron object like a bottle opener. put this into a stainless steel pan, with 3 cups of water and boil it down to 1 cup. take a spoon of that every day. wipe the iron object dry to avoid rust.

Vitamin D can only come from the sun, if you get time then walk in the sun as much as you can or sit in it and soak the rays. just don't have a cool shower straight afterwards, wait at least an hour.

with regards to your down feeling, can you please tell me what work you do as a profession and other activities you do in your spare time?


I would try the counselling , it can hardly do any harm and should be the easiest and quickest way to improve your sense of self worth. I'm really glad you can still function as the human iteraction you get at work and church will be a great help in fighting off depression.

I would n't worry too much about housework getting behind a bit as I'm sure you're not the kind of person to let it slide once the depression has lifted. The great thing about house work is that you can let it slide for a while and then do a blitz and no great harm is done. (When mine has slid a bit I always check that any visitors have already had bubonic plague ) .Whereas if you let outside maintenance slip then the house starts deteriorating.

None of us like to feel worthless but I sometimes feel there's an element of vanity in this. After all on the grand scale how many of us make a really worthwhile contribution to the human race ? We can't all be Einsteins. Procreation seems to be the main contribution of many and half of those are only doing it for pleasure.

If you can go through life helping make others happier , which is not difficult, you are certainly not worthless. In fact you'll be worth considerably more than the many who do the opposite.Pay compliments , take an interest in family and their achievements, congratulate achievement, buy small surprise presents , when you can help ,write a helpful reply to someone struggling on this forum, thank people, take a box of chocolates into work on your birthday (but make sure you eat a few of the best ones first,no need to be stupid) ; the list is endless.

Your local library will have loads of books on improving your sense of self worth. Try a few ,its free and by using your library you'll be doing something small but worthwhile as if they don't get more users we're likely to lose many of them.

Is there some voluntary work you feel able to do ? If you work already you must take care that any voluntary job does n't overload you but this would improve your sense of self worth and the extra social contact would help with the depression.

I hope at least some of this helps.



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