Sleeping pill!!!!

Can anyone offer me some advice plz??? This is driving me out of my mind!!!!

Doctor put me on clitrapram 10mg to start with and zimovane 3.7gm to start ... The zimovane did no good so was told to take two.... I took these four days in a row and on the 5th night didn't take one..... Huge mistake!!!! I didn't sleep for a full 36 hours but felt like it had been a whole week!!! My anxiety was at its highest point al thought this time, and all of my senses heightened to the extreme I could probably have heard a pin drop 20 miles away... This has really frightened me but still had to take them last night as I began to feel the same again as i tried not to take any.... I do not want to become addicted to these things but am even more scared not to take them sleep pattern is all over the place and I can't seem to shake it off!!!!

Thanks for listening and sorry I sound like such a wreck!!!!!

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  • Hi,

    Having been in that highly sensitised place I know exactly how you feel. If you have no other health issues and want to quit them try Phenergan antihistamine 25mg tablets 1 or 2 to help you sleep.

    Good luck,


  • Hiya and thanks for the advice!!! I was using antihistamines to help me sleep before.... They worked for a short while, but will try the ones u have suggested

    Thanks again


  • Hi Phenergan antihistamine over the counter?

    i have bouts of not being able to sleep so was looking into something i can take now and then but will not increase anxiety etc

    Thanks :) x

  • I take my citilapram in the morning, 40mg. Come off tea, or coffee, and change to decaffe

    some people like me are very sensitive to caffine. you have sleeping problems because of the depression. Yes you will feel like a wound up doll, you will feel anxious,, and hungout. Cant concentrate, your all over the place,,, just go with it,, do what you feel is right for you, I used to cook, or watch midnight tv,, till 4am then sleep when I was exhausted. Or in the evenings I used to go swimming, do as many lengths as I could to make me tired. Then I went through a different cycle of depression, just went with what ever my body was wanting.

    I used to have a diary, and found I had more sleeping problems just before a period,,, and yarning in the daytime, and then the day before could fall asleep in the chair,, and was tired after the period,,,

    But we are all different. do a search on the internet and find out the other drug is, and what it does,, what its for.

    citilapram, has given me my life back, day by day something was different, now I can function, I like my grand kids, before I couldnt stand the sound of them before. I wanted to run out of the house screaming at the thought of looking after them before,,, they gave me love back. they gave me,my life back, without so many after effects at all.

    take care, x

  • You can ask for Phenergan (promethazine) ant the pharmacy counter. Nytol are also an antihistamine - diphenhydramine. They work well when used occasionally, but not regularly. Perhaps you could try one every three days at first. Chamomile tea may help - you can put in a little stick cinnamon and a couple of cloves.

    Good luck


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