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Sleeping pills?

Hi all, completely new to this! Just wanted some stories and experiences from you all regarding sleeping problems and any sleeping pills which have worked or not worked for you? I seem to struggle getting my doctor to prescribe me them. My boyfriend however gets them regularly from his doctor even though he is on long term meds which make him sleepy at night anyway. I know sharing meds is not adviced but a few times I have been in a really down mood and unable to sleep my boyfriend has given me a sleeping pill and it really works wonders for me. I suffer from depression and anxiety and also in the process of being referred to a psychiatrist by my psychologist. Any advice I is much appreciated!

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I have problems staying asleep. The medication that worked the best for me was trazadone. I was on it for a few years but my tolerance increased as time passed. So recently I detoxed myself off of it. I still have trouble staying asleep sometimes. Just deal with it unfortunately.


Stronger medications for sleep, are more addicting than you think. I know so many people trying to stop their sleep meds and can't because of the terrible withdrawals and sleepless nights during detox.


Hi Crazy_cat_lady,

When you see your Psychiatrist he may prescribe you medication to help you sleep.

GP's generally will only issue sleep medication for a short period of time. Medication for sleep can be highly addictive if used regularly. Also stopping sleep medication after you have been taking it for some time will cause disruptive sleep, this may be permanent.

Sleep medication I have taken include Zoplclone (highly addictive and can disrupt sleep when stopping taking). Phenergen - did nothing for me. Temazepam - highly addictive, did nothing for me.

I have recently started a second antidepressant called Mirtazapine. This has sedative properties and has proved effective for me.

Taking your boyfriends sleep medication can be very dangerous and I would strongly recommend that you do not do this.

It may take time to find suitable medication to help you sleep. Have you tried any of the guided Mindfulness meditation/relaxation on youtube. Many are free to download. Try some of those and see if that is any help. It may take several times to learn how to let your body and mind relax completely.

Hope this helps and I wish you luck. Let me know how you get on.



Hi Crazy_cat_lady,

Lottie has given you a lot of good advice in her reply. I would particularly emphasize her caution regarding taking your boyfriends medication. You might also find this NHS website helpful.


Best Wishes and please keep in touch.


Hi I don't know where you are but in the UK doctors rarely prescribe sleeping pills and if they do it's often only for a very limited time. They are strict about it.

I take a small dose of the ad mirtazapine which helps me sleep so maybe that would help you. I would think sleeping pills are pretty strong and I have heard they are very addictive, so I would be very cautious about using your bf's. They could also interfere with the meds you are currently on. x


I used zopiclone 3.5 mg these helped you can use for a month but should just really used last resort.many meds as you say make you sleepy


Hi. Doctors don't like prescribing sleeping tablets as they become addictive. I'm on several medication & my doctor would not prescribe them for me. Have you tried herbal remedies? There are a number of herbs which help for insomnia. Try eBay ,search for sleeping tablets & there are a number to choose from. . Sam


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