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Some solutions for Weight Loss

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I was overweight in a period and tried to try different diets. After the whole effort, I could put my weight slightly lower, but the diet was not enough, so I tried to walk every day after work to see a better result. I also bought a smartwatch from an online site, so I can check my activity day. But I ask you if it is possible to propose some solutions to lower my weight. If you know any food or exercise for weight loss, tell me

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Check out ideal protein. Lost 70 lbs in a year on the protocol.

1. Eat brown rice/whole wheat bread/coarse grains.

2. Stop coke/cookies and all the infernal junk.

3. Stop read meat/booze.

4. Cardio (moderate to intense) at least 1hr/per day.

4. Resistance/weights 30 mins at least alt days.

5. Dancing the best and real fun part if you know or want to try.

Be realistic. Aim at BMI 25 in 1-2 yr time frame.

Good luck.

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Don't go for all these diet fads. In the long run they will

cause more and sometimes severe damage.

If you loose more than 20lbs in 6 months thats very very bad

maybe you are loosing muscles.

So a balanced diet, good workout and gradual weight loss

is the right approach.

What NH says is really great. Swimming is without doubt the

best exercise. The other stuff resistant + cardio is even better.

I agree but must make sure you DONT loose muscle mass.

Most people I have seen starve for a few days loose a lot

and then same old same old habit and they end up with even


For me I am around BMI 23.5-24.5. As I get around 24.5

I reduce cal intake increase cardio get to 23.5 in 2 month

or so.

So for me it is about 7lb which I loose in 2-3 months with

roughly 2 hr of intense cardio. Since I do weights I don't

go less than 2500cal. For me muscles are super critical.

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