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How to reduce sensativity after Circumsision


Hi, I got Circumsised yesterday. It all went well, not a lot of pain just extremely sensitive, touching my glands is the most uncomfortable feeling in world right now!!! I know the reason is because I had phimosis my whole life and I never properly exposed my penis to the air before. Any tips on how to make the sensativity die down? How long did it take some of you before the sensativity died down?

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Hi, I'm 8 weeks in now and it's still sensitive I'm sad to say. The painfully sensitive part was about 3 weeks and after that it eases off. I can touch it now and have had sex with not to much discomfort but if it gets touched with a towel after a shower or it flops into my jeans as I'm getting dressed it still makes me gasp. It's a hell of a lot better tho and I can be pretty much normal. So give it time, it will get better

Gnikow in reply to paulwheeler15

Hi Paul, that doesn’t really surprise me. Even putting bandages on my glans hurts like hell. I woke up this morning with an erection which caused the bandage to fall off partly, I decided to just let the whole thing fall off. Since then I have just been sitting down naked this whole morning. I hope the air that gets to the glans helps loosen up the sensativity? What do you think? Sorry to keep asking everyone so many questions I’m just really nervous at the moment :(

paulwheeler15 in reply to Gnikow

Don't worry mate, you're amongst friends in that sense. It's a horrible process for a grown man to go through. I never had a bandage from day one, they never gave me one. I can't recommend enough buying some pants style underwear, the tighter the better. It reduces movement and friction and makes life a lot easier in the beginning. Do go easy on yourself in the sense that you're going to need at least 2 weeks before you can sort of be almost normal with regards to everyday life.

Salt baths are good, they help heal quicker and I think they helped with the sensitivity. Might not have but it felt like it. The erections are a bitch, I had about 10 a night and they hurt. This passes in a week or two. Unfortunately time is the only friend you have, but I'm now not having many issues other than still being sensitive. It's not painful anymore just uncomfortable.

how's your sensitivity now? Still very sensitive?

It is unfortunately, it's been 3 and a half months. It's not so sensitive that it stops me doing anything but I still wear brief style underwear as boxes are still uncomfortable. If anything his the head when I'm not ready for it, like a towel after a shower it makes me jump.

It's still sensitive when I clean around the head and I have to go slow each time which is frustrating. But not so sensitive when erect I've found so every cloud and all that lol. Sex is very different tho. That something I'm trying to get used to. How you doing?

i've got my circumcision date on April 11th. It's a very tight phimosis case so have to go through it.

You'll be fine, it sucks but it'll be better in the long run

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