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Hi everybody, I am bruck living in Scotland, my problem start many years ago when... My wife decide to stop having sex with me from 2012 I don't have any sexual intercourse.

I start to don't know myself and my body.

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No never? I feel kind of ashame

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I must support the post of Hidden Talking through these sort of problems is so helpful. I guess the place to start is with your wife. Her reasons for stopping sex and her thoughts about what that means for you. Do you content yourself with masturbation or are you able to seek a sexual life elsewhere? Once you know the parameters that you have to work within to keep you both happy then it may be that either you, or both of you, may need professional help to work through your situation. The support of a friend may also help.

You're a better man than I am. Sex is the glue that keeps me in a relationship, otherwise I would be looking for an escape clause. You obviously have reasons to stay in the marriage. I would start talking to your wife first and find out the definitive reasons for her unilateral decision of 2012. Marriage to me means a sex life, otherwise I would be with other people. Anyway, you need some counseling for the sake of your mental health. Physically, your penis needs sexual activity to stay healthy.

My daughter is the answer

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metalminded in reply to bruck79

Your daughter is the reason your wife doesn’t want sex? Is it for fear of becoming pregnant again? Did she not want children?

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bruck79 in reply to metalminded

Is the reason that I stay in the relationship... I do the best to keep my daughter happy and be present

i think bruck79 you are being a bit selfish ask your self how does your wife feel is she going through menopause sex is not the glue some people think it is i loved my wife very much but I lost her a few weeks back to cancer she was my mate and I am lost without her and we stopped haveing sex when she started the menopause so stop being so selfish and thank your stars you have still got her and cherish her

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jaglad in reply to dellrobert

Wanting a sex life is in no way selfish. Talking about it is the first thing you need to do. There are many ways to enjoy each other without full sex, communication will help you find what works for you both.

Good luck.

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