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Uncircumcised, Tight Foreskin / Help!

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Okay so, I am 17 years old. Pretty much done with puberty and am just starting to get into the sexual life. I've been doing a lot of research on tight foreskin and most of it is the same shit, "get circumcised, see a doctor." So, first off, I'm not getting circumcised. If that's all you'll offer as help then no thank you. I can't see a doctor due to being uncomfortable talking to my parents about it and dropping my pants for a doctor.

I have read that stretching helps but haven't found many with experience and it working. Are there any over the counter creams that'd help?

Also, I should mention, when soft, I can pull the skin back just fine and even more than past the head, I can do it when it's a little hard but nowhere near when I'm fully hard, not even 1/3 of the way.

Any help, tips, and experience appreciated. Thank you!

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You're right, the creams don't always work but are the simplest place to start. The issue is that it is prescription only here in the UK so you'd have to see doctor.

You don't need to be embarrassed, this is one of the most common male problems they see and they won't bat an eyelid.

Stretching didn't work for me either and 2 weeks ago I had a circumcision which has gone brilliantly and i'm pleased with the results.

It certainly beats the pain and discomfort of a tight foreskin every time you have sex!

I suffered for over 10 years cos I wasn't confident enough to seek help.

The Mrs nagged me for years to get it sorted. Eventually it got so bad it was even hurting going for a piss.

Do yourself a massive favour whilst you're still young and have a full sex life ahead of you and seek help from the doctor.

Now I'm sorted I've bloody kicked myself for not doing it years ago.

It's great having the help and support on here but in reality, your best advice and diagnosis will come from your doctor.

Hope this helps even though you say that it's not what you want to hear.

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UncutMale in reply to Daz81

Thank you so much. Also, should've added I'm from the U.S. Didn't realize this was a UK forum haha.

I think I'm gonna try some over the counter cream and stretching for at least a couple months before I seek help from a doctor.

Thank you :)

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Daz81 in reply to UncutMale

The doctor's here make you use the steroid cream for at least 3 months before they will refer you for a circumcision.

It's probably different over in the US.

Feel free to chat further if you need to.

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UncutMale in reply to Daz81

Yeah I'm sure it's similar here. I'm just not sure if I can get any creams here that work well with no effects for this type of thing.

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pat_smith in reply to UncutMale

Yeah, man, talk to a professional and find out whether this could be sorted out more easily without having to cut off ...

It's not a bad surgery to go through, it's actually quite simple, but, like any surgery, you lose a small part of your body.

So afterwards you may ask yourself:

'Was this the most elegant solution? Was chopping off the simplest thing which could have been done?'

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UncutMale in reply to pat_smith

Yeah. I'm gonna see a doctor and talk with my parents if it doesn't work out. Thankfully, only after a couple days I've gotten some progress. Not really interested in circumcision. I don't want to lose the sensitivity and go through the process and healing and pain. Also, if I could retract the skin while hard it'd be in a way the same as being cut. Thank you tho :)

Hope you find a solution to your problem.

To start with just have a long soak in the bath and keep pulling it back and holding it there for 5 or so minutes each time you bath or shower.

This too can make a difference if the issue is not too severe.

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UncutMale in reply to Daz81

I don't think it's severe because I don't have any pain and when it's flaccid or just a tiny bit hard I can pull it back more than enough. It's just when I'm fully hard it's hard.

Any stretches or tips to recommend? I know it takes time but I just wanna get it over with tbh haha

Hi im 19 and i was exactly in the same situation as you i tried stretching my foreskin when i had an erection but it was physically impossible and i underwent a circumcision its been a little over a month since i got cut and to be honest i was worried that i wouldnt like it or i would never feel as much but really its not bad at all just need to let your body adjust a little bit... and about the doctor thing they are used to seeing this so its nothing new to them and they are only there to help so you shouldnt be worried as for your parents talk to your dad about it is what i recommend..

as the previous reply said save yourself the trouble and see a doctor maybe you wont need a circ! but i feel the same way as he does about it

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UncutMale in reply to anay

I'm gonna try stretching and some over the counter cream. I don't want to get cut at all tbh tho. If I could pull the skin all the way over it'd be pretty much the same as a cut dick just with more sensation.

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pat_smith in reply to UncutMale

One more thing:

I remember I could do that at puberty, no problem - stretching all the way to the base.

But I think I got a bit obsessed later with trying to skip some steps and force that string which is keeping the foreskin attached, that I might have bruised a little the edge of my foreskin.

I'd say from then on my foreskin started to get tight, obviously trying to heal back together the little tear in my foreskin.

It could have also been a bit too much solo sexual activity, but that couldn't have been the main cause.

Anyway, from a normal development I started being a little unnatural and so I got to an unnatural step - surgery.

Best advice? Get over yourself. Don't talk about what you're not going to do. Be a man and get proper advice.

Definitely see Circumcision as a last resort, but do not rule it out. Cortisone creams and stretching may help. But, the fact that you can pull back when flaccid should mean you have no long term issues.

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UncutMale in reply to jaglad

So stretching could help possibly? and does Cortisone cream need to be prescribed ?

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jaglad in reply to UncutMale

In the UK, mild hydrocortisone creams can usually be bought over the counter, but if you need a stronger type then a prescription is needed. Go with the stretching for now but do not be afraid to consult a Doc, they have seen it all. Even if their suggestion is circumcision you can always say no.

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Bucky85 in reply to UncutMale

Yes, ask your doctor for betamethasone valerate.

I’d be happy to coach you. 30 years experience. Stretching always is successful in absense of skin disease and with consistent effort. Tell me if you can get two fingers into your foreskin opening.

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male123 in reply to jimfromcalif

Hi sir, I am 23. I have the same problem and want to try stretching. I tried putting two fingers in as you said, but its hard. I can barely manage, but there is some space left if I put one finger.

Could you help?


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jimfromcalif in reply to male123

Be glad to. If it’s too tight for two fingers, grasp the edges if the opening and gently pull apart. Hold for five minutes. Do that four times per day. A very effective set of tools is available through phimocure.com. There are youtube vids to show how to use them. If you experience any cracks or tearing, apply a yeast cream.

I can't fit two fingers but I am able to stretch any other way. Message me please :)

Did you try grasping the sides if the opening?

Yes. I'm able to grab the sides when soft, not sure about when hard if thats what u mean

Soft is better.


I can easily do that. Any other?

Do that for five to ten minutes, four times per day, until two fingers fit. Phimocure works well too. They are flesh tunnels engineered for comfortable fit.

Ok. Would it be worth buying the Phimocure or would stretching be enough?

i know you dont want to lose sensation but really you wont lose any except the tight feeling around the tip but you shouldnt be feeling that anyway since it should be able to come all the way down and really the tip becomes much more sensitive after you get cut since the glands are more exposed you can feel quite a lot its actually a bit overwhelming at first

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UncutMale in reply to anay

Honestly, in my opinion getting cut is completely outside the picture lol

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jimfromcalif in reply to anay

All 20,000 nerves in the foreskin are in jeopardy.

I had the same situation with you and I live in LA . I did circumcised my penis 8 days ago because I do not feel comfortable when my parters jerked me off and gave me head if they don’t know how to handle uncut dick properly. My head is super sensitive and also when I jerk off a few times a day, then my head has some kinda rushes. Addition to that , it is hard to stay clean everyday even you clean it when you shower.Other than that I didn’t have any problem . It’s personal choice , man. I just did it to be over with this kinda uncomfortable situations. But trust , healing process is hell but I will just have to wait for 2 months to reach the glory.

You don't have much of a problem. You just need to stretch it daily.


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UncutMale in reply to Bucky85

Yeah. I haven't been doing it lately due to being busy and lazy tbh. Starting today again.

Many males are stretching their foreskins to relieve phimosis. If you have access to a potent topical steroid ointment or cream it will accelerate the process, but it can be done without any medical help.

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UncutMale in reply to Bucky85

Any suggestions on creams? I heard none of them are over the counter and need doctor prescription. Im 17

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Bucky85 in reply to UncutMale

You will need a prescription. The most common is bethamethasone valerate ointment or cream.

You need to do some foreskin-stretching exercises daily for a while.. this will loosen things up nicely. Use a penis health crème for moisturization and skin protection and things will go smoothly and quickly. You can get a crème like this online. Hope this helps.

I just watched a documentary on Netflix, it’s called “American Circumcision”. There is so much helpful information in that movie. The movie is definitely against circumcision and pro uncircumcision. There are techniques discussed in the movie for stretching the foreskin. I would recommend the movie to anybody, male, female, circumcised or uncircumcised. it’s a real eye-opener as to how damaging circumcision can be. But also has details about stretching the foreskin which may be helpful.


This sounds comparable to my tight foreskin at 17. No creams. I just kept stretching until loose.

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