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Could I have diabetes?

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I've been urinating between 9-12 times a day, had increased hunger and also have thrush on my tongue that won't go even after medicine.

I am not overweight or inactive so I'm thinking that Type 1 diabetes is more likely.

I'm 18 and I've had these symptoms for around 2 weeks.

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You should definitely get yourself checked out by a doctor. If you do have Diabetes and do nothing about it, that could be dangerous.

Get an appointment with your GP asap. If you find that's not easy, then go to your local pharmacy; many of those establishments offer services, including blood pressure tests and diabetes finger-pricks. Please do not delay in getting checked out. Unlike type 2, which develops comparatively slowly, type 1 can develop extremely quickly. Please do not 'leave this for a week or so'; you do need to get it checked urgently.

I send you my very best wishes.

Sine :)

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Contact your doctor urgently. You are young and you have “red flag” symptoms. There could be a number of causes, but regardless you need rapid medical advice / treatment. Best wishes.

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AnonUserBBBBb in reply to Hidden

Thank you, I am going to contact my Doctor today. Also found out that some of my family members have type 1. I just hope it's not me overthinking and I end up wasting NHS time.

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You are not wasting NHS time given your current symptoms. Best wishes.

Let me emphasise ma57uk's comment. Even if you find out you're not diabetic (and I am sure we all hope that is the case), you will not have wasted the NHS's time. Believe me, they'd far, far rather run a few tests and tell you that all is well and you need no long-term treatment, than the opposite!!

Take care - and again, all good wishes!

Sine :)

These guys have given you good advice. Please also watch if you are uncircumcised that you don’t get thrush under your foreskin which will cause balanitis. I had this and was a nightmare to get rid of. I was told that I may need to be circumcised if it didn’t go away. Luckily for me it went away after some intensive treatment.

Thank you. Appreciate the help.

Any update following your doctor's appointment? I am sure some of us would appreciate a little feedback on the outcome.

Sine :)

Will let you know, speaking to GP again after the weekend.

Thanks, AnonUser. I hope you'll have some encouraging news.

Best wishes,

Sine :)

I have been urinating a lot more than normal today but I didn't get thrush or increased hunger. But fingers crossed you get positive answers from your GP. Keep us in the loop.

Probably need to make an appointment to see your doctor maybe it could be Urine infection . I know someone who had got type 1 Diabetes before he was diagnosed he used to sleep a lot until i said get appointment for the doctors and he had blood test came back type 1

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