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Difficulty peeing and other conditions


Hello everyone new user here and hoping someone can advice me on some problems I'm having. I'm having difficulty passing urine and need to strain. Burning pain and just a dull ache all over my perineum. Tingling feeling as well especially at the tip of my Penis. I feel no pleasure during orgasm have lower back pain. I also occasionally lose feeling in both my legs which makes me fall to the ground. I get pins and needles all over my pelvic area when sitting down for no more then 2 mins and numbness in my right foot. My sex drive is non existence despite my testosterone level being in normal range. I've been fighting with these conditions for a little while due to the embarrassment of going to the doctors.

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I think you need to ignore the embarrassment and see your doctor. Ignore symptoms like this at your peril.

Sorry to be so blunt but your symptoms are definitely not mild.

Daniel19922 in reply to ma57uk

I know mate it's just really difficult for me I have been trying to get in the mindset to call my GP I know my problems need looked at. Do you have any idea what I could possibly have?

OsidgeModerator in reply to Daniel19922

Members of this forum are not doctors and the forum is not here to be a GP substitute. You really need to see a doctor. If you lose feeling in your legs it certainly seems to be a neurological problem and serious. Please get over your embarrassment and do not leave it to get worse.

Daniel19922 in reply to Osidge

Ok thanks for the replies I'll make an appointment next week

ma57uk in reply to Daniel19922

Please do.

Your symptoms seem ominous.See your family doctor ASAP.

There is no need to be embarrassed.

Doctors are there to help you and they have seen & heard it all.

Getting over the embarrassment will be easy compared to dealing with this issue down the road without treatment. At a minimum I'm guessing you will be referred to a neurologist and most like a urologist as well. Be open and direct with them to get the most out of the visits. Doctors deal with issue similar to yours on a regular basis so you can take embarrassment completely out of the equation. Please get the appointment ASAP!

Get a prostate exam.

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