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Sex dreams about my bestie


Lately I have been having recurring sex dreams about my bestie.Some years back i had feels for her bit i was over it anyway,trust me, and now all of sudden, i m having these dreams every night now. And its kinda of bothering me.I dont even think about her anytime..and its a platonic relation between us foe some year now..

Please help...with this..coz i dont wanna ruin our relation.

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Talk to her my friend tell her how you feel get it off your mind. Enjoy life my friend be happy

Ofcourse i did, she did take it positively, we had talk n had fun of it; It felt better, but after a week it started everyday, n now its recurring🤐 now what do i do now?

Do you have feelings for her

It was sometime in the past but, not now i guess..but i love being around her n our talks are so long that a day is spent unsatisfied...but i dont think i m sexually attracted to her

Do you know how she feels about you mate?

It feels like i m friendzoned...but she loves being around me talking too.

How do you know she has friend zoned you. She may just be dropping hints wanting you to step up and say the words. Sounds like you both have your eyes on each other. Listen mate make her happy be there for her and when the time is right if you really feel some type of connection let her know and be honest with her. Because I’m sure she would rather you be honest with her then hide it away and if it’s just gonna be close Friends only then that’s fine just be there for her and she will be there for you. If you truly love her don’t let her go

Thank you

No worries just be happy and enjoy life. Keep her smiling and she will keep you smiling

But i m still at the thing, about the sex in love or something with her?..or is it some message about it...or am i sexually attracted..she is pretty n fine by body, yet i never looked her that way😶 before

Sorry mate I don’t particularly know how you are thinking about her. Have you ever fell in love before or could this be your first time?

Ya i had feels for but she was with some other guy then..n i came over n went to another we both are single

I get you mate. You never loose feelings for someone you truly love. Literally just be honest with her tell her exactly how you feel. And possibly bite the bullet and show her how much she means to you.

Alright...i shall face it.....thank u..u fostered me some way..which has taken an unexpected path..thank u though

No worries. It’s down to you mate to make the right choice not me.

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Your in to her mate don't mess about life's to short go for it.

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