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Lower back pain


Im about to turn 50 and have been getting really bad lower back pain in the morning when i get up. Im sure its caused by my age/gaining weight, but not sure what to do about it. I run and workout at least 4 days a week and tried testosterone treatment, but it doesnt seem to be working. I really dont want to get into pain meds. Any other options people have tried? Also, i have never had back issues in the past so its not injury related. thx

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Hello pleased to meet you.

Any back pain needs investigated you know that.

Appointment at the Doctors.

Forget age or what you do running working out could be anumber of issues..

What happens if you fail to check this out and eventually do after a while..

Any progression of back pain going to get worse..

If concerned write it down bullets make appointment be safe and keep in touch.

Often be aware of any back pain my self.

As a former alcoholic any gripes muscles and am older than you needs checking out...

The issues need sorting out do they not spent too many times with those who had symptoms like yours.

Who were alcoholics and wish had gone earlier too late now... Just a thought ...

Common sense...

cdog2964 in reply to MrRigatoni

Not sure what the reference to alcohol is, i dont drink... And yes, i have consulted my dr and his response is just a process of getting older. I thought this website was get ideas from others with similar issues and how they treated because doctors dont know everything. We all understand that the first stop is to consult our physicians.

OsidgeModerator in reply to cdog2964

What investigations did you have with your doctor? Have you seen a specialist or physiotherapist.? Why were you using testosterone?

MrRigatoni in reply to cdog2964

Hello sorry if I annoyed you ..

You have come on to a website describing not much detail back pain so vast area..

Understand do not drink yet did not know this..

Pain in the lower back kidney areas are a sign of Postate Cancer possibilty... or Bowel Cancer just had a polyp removed last year.

Not Cancerous but still have to go again another screening..

Had nagging aches pains and in the lower back area..

Screening went for one. You be asked soon all men are from 50 onwards..

Another thing you mentioned had to double check my files of information..

Testosterone or known by Anabolic Steriods has a number of side effects even short or long term..

I have a lot of information on drugs side effects as well alcoholic took drugs have experience knowledge of most drugs.

Kept a list from various organisations..

Use this to advise help members of the addiction community families and those experiencing problems.

I am not a medical proffessional just a member trying to help some one.

One of the rare side effects of any drugs even short term can be pains in lower back and sides plus lots more..

List includes the following..

Nausea sickness.


Mood swings

Mental health

Stomach bowel issues ..

Problems skin and weight and much more so many

Please look websites ...




Give more information.

I agree with you go to your GP why ask first.

Please have you told GP on drugs which you are.

Anabolic Steroids drugs if not then need to.

blissann9 in reply to MrRigatoni

For many years I suffered from lower back pain. I changed beds and recliner chairs and that didn't help. Then, I bought an zero gravity Chair reviewed here thebestreclinersreviews.com... with the lumbar support and my back problems went away.

My chair is really very comfortable.

I have been taking anti-inflammatory drug and pain killers for a number of years now for lower back pain diagnosed as Degenerative Spine disorder and it relates to having viral meningitis when I was younger with multiple Lumber punctures and then working in heavy industry, the only way to understand and treat it is to get it checked out by your GP and they will not medicate you unless needed - I need them after the scans and diagnosis and although its a pain in itself taking regular meds I would not be able to work and have the social life I do without them.

I have successfully treated with a good chiropractor. My pain is muscular, and caused by a slightly misaligned hip. I’m a former runner who ran 4-5 days a week for 38 years and completed ten marathons. Obviously lower back pain can have many causes. Depending upon the type and duration of pain, the exact location, the radiation of pain down your leg, and many other factors, your treatment will vary. It can be caused by such simple things as worn out running shoes or insoles, bad mattress or desk chair, or more serious things like a herniated disk or fractured vertebrae. Everyone develops some “arthritis” in their back as they age (that’s boney changes) but usually not as young as you. If your pain persists after you change shoes (I changed inserts every 250 miles, and shoes every 500 and never had a running related injury), you should see your doctor and ask if a MRI or other test is warranted to get to the bottom of it. Or find a chiropractor who treats runners and give that a try.

Couple suggestions aside from the obvious... lose weight. How old is your mattress? Twice in my life I've had back problems which were greatly eased by replacing my mattress. They don't last forever. In my most recent instance of back pain I went to see my primary care doctor, he poked around for about two seconds and said you have very tight back muscles and prescribed some physical therapy. It helped. If you google stretching exercise for lower back pain there are some good sites.... but see your doctor to rule out other possible issues!

Worth getting PSA test for prostate cancer if you're not already being monitored. A friend of mine died as he never got tested and back pain was his only symptom of his cancer. Yoga helps me, especially twisting asanas, as I'm prone to sciatica, but yoga keeps it from developing.

I have also suffered from lower back pain. Two things helped me. Pilates for back problems because it helps strengthen the areas of your body related to your back. Weight loss also helped because there was less pressure on the spine. Hope this helps.

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