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Pain discomfort around navel area for four months.

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Hello, I have a long-term discomfort in the navel area. It doesn't occur to me that it worsens food, alcohol, it's completely coincidental. Sometimes its about 20 minutes, sometimes for 5 hours. It's been going on for four months. I used take proton pump inhibitor for two weeks a month ago. I have been taking probiotics on and off for three months, they slightly improve the condition. After taking ppi, the flatulence decreased, now it is present only in the evening and in the morning. The stool is regular, the shape is sometimes bristol chart 4 and mostly 5. Can anyone help me? Im 28 years old male, slightly overweight.

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You really should take that problem to your doctor. You should never put up with pain and discomfort for that long.

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ad anytip what it could be?

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It could be so many things that guessing would not be helpful.

It sounds like the opening stages of an umbilical hernia. That's something that you can safely take to the GP, to find out about.

That issue is WAY BEYOND the scope of an online blog. You must see a doctor and get checked.

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hi michael2135 you need to go to the doctors keep safe