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Am I in danger?


Two days ago, I felt kinda sick, took 1 tab of flu med paracetamol 250mg in the morning, 5 hours later another one, and later that night I went to my friends house, drunk about 1 and a half glasses of wine, and about a hour later took another pill of 250mg or flu med

Am I in danger now of dying?

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The max daily dose of paracetamol is 8 x 500mg tablets!

Barakbet in reply to Osidge

But the combination with alcohol is dangerous though I think, that’s my concern...

I took only 3 tabs of 250mg

OsidgeModerator in reply to Barakbet

You did not have a lot of alcohol and nowhere near the max dose of paracetamol. I think you are worrying unnecessarily. Please see:

Barakbet in reply to Osidge

Thank you so much, I really thought it’s gonna do something really bad to me

If you were going to die from a substance, you'd know it within four hours or less of ingesting.

Barakbet in reply to OhHey

So it means I’m fine? I’m really scared

Galen70 in reply to Barakbet

Barakbet you took way below the maximum recommended daily amount so you are fine. There is no interaction with alcohol.

Rich6340 in reply to Barakbet

I really believe your mind is getting the best of you. You’re manifesting these thoughts that are creating this terrible Anxious feeling. And believe me you if you do a good enough you will be sick. But I’m telling you it’s very easy to make yourself sick. I really believe you should be talking to someone to help you through this crisis. All the best

Galen70 in reply to OhHey

That's not true I am afraid . Paracetamol overdose usually presents 1-2 days after people have overdosed with vomiting , abdominal pain and early liver failure

In short no.

Drugs of any sort and alcohol do not mix. Drink plenty of water to help flush your system. Unless you have some sort of allergy, then you will be fine.

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