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rash between my thighs and groin area

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I have itchy rashes on my thighs and groin but my penis is not affected. I'm itching whole day and night and exercise does make rashes worse. I knew it was jock itch, but nothing can help me get rid of an infection. Please help!

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This sounds like tinea cruris possibly, but could also be pubic lice, scabies, or a skin condition. Do you have any underlying medical conditions , and what treatments have you used

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I applied antihistamines cream and got some itching relief but the rash does not improve. I also tried canesten, coconut oil, rubbing alcohol, ... but they do not work 100%. In fact, the rash seems to be spreading and get worse. I do not have any underlying medical illness but I'm a road bike rider and I sweat a lot.

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Galen70 in reply to jasonafolay

rubbing alcohol would make any skin condition a lot worse. without seeing it , its impossible to say. Have you had new sexual contact recently ?

Sounds very much like Jock itch, I had this same issue. I tried everything prescribed by the doctors and nothing worked. I then applied antiperspirant every day, and now there are no issues. Just use a regular antiperspirant stick and apply between your thighs after showering every day and in about 2-5 days you’ll see results, plus your nuts will not stick your leg.

Try some athlete's foot medicine that contains clotrimazole.

Sudocreme at night and talc the area after shower powder the balls till smooth feel and dry around them fixes it m8

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