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Smelly pubic area

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Hi, I'm 18 and my pubic area smells like hell. It smells like semen. Even my underwear when worn gets that same smell. I'm concerned that is it normal or do I have to do something about it (if yes then what). Pls help..


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Just wash with soap at least twice daily . Change undergarments daily . If there is any discharge talk to doctor otherwise ignore .Take proper diets

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Thank you...

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Never wash with soap, just clean water.


Ok... Thanks

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Assuming your hygiene is OK (twice daily washing, clean pants every day), what do you think it could be? Is it semen from frequent ejaculation? Or does it actually smell like something else? It's difficult to know from a short post. Your GP or, if your prefer, local sexual health clinic can both check you out and give any advice you might need. It's free and very easy. You can find your local sexual health clinic using the find local servcie feature on this page:

Thank you...

You may have intertrigo (look it up). Hygiene is important but too much soap will aggravate this as the fungi involved like the alkaline environment from soap. Daktarin cream is available over the counter and may help or go and see your GP.

I'll try it... thanks

i would just shave it all off or really low and keep clean.

How do u shave those parts? And the ones on the ball sack...

with a razor and shaving cream just like your face but more gentle, if it's really long then use a pair of cutters on them like you would your head then you shave with a razor and shaving cream.

Just be sure to wash your genitals after every ejaculation.

Fresh semen has little smell, and even that which it has can be attractive to a female. But stale semen has a totally different and very offensive odour. After ejaculation, retract your foreskin and squeeze your shaft to evacuate any residue of semen, then rinse your glans with clean water. Do the same with your testicles and pubic area.

If you're circumcised it's equally important to squeeze your shaft, then wash as above.

Also, because nature obviously does not allow us to ejaculate and urinate at the same time; if you have enough urine in your bladder to micturate (wee/pee) after ejaculation, then do so. Fresh urine is sterile and will flush out any last remnant of semen from your penis.

I hope this is helpful, MDL. I wish you well.


It helped a lot... Thanks

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Excellent advice, if I may say so, Christopher.

Hope you're well!


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Thank you Peter. I was only able to give a comprehensive reply to MDL because I could identify with his condition to some extent, and learnt how to deal with it.

I'm well - except for a permanent problem with a circumcised penis in March 2001, insisted upon by my GP after she examined me following a frightening incident of paraphimosis. It was this that eventually led me to join HealthUnlocked, seeking some solace and advice for my increasing loss of glans penis sensitivity as each month and year goes by.

I was greeted with a 'Welcome' reply, saying "We can help you." No such help was forthcoming. But I stayed with HU because I'm able to speak from both sides of the circumcision coin. I also fathered three children while still intact.

I do hope YOU are well.


Thanks, Christopher.

We have previously 'spoken' to each other on other posts, but I'm very sorry indeed you have to live with this frustrating condition. Have you received any explanation as to why you are experiencing this continuing loss of sensitivity? I was circumcised when I was 31 and personally my one regret was not having it done earlier in life, but that is an altogether different story. I've never married or had a relationship, but I can imagine it must be depressing in the extreme to have to live with this situation when you are.

I'm not too bad, thanks for asking. I'm currently on a 'waiting list' for bilateral hip replacement surgery (which isn't going to be a bundle of fun as I suffer from DVTs, and am a 'high risk' patient'). Or, as one consultant's registrar charmingly put it 'You're a high risk case and I could just as easily be screwing the lid down on your coffin as not if you develop more clots'. I had to laugh, which seemed to annoy him even more!! Still, they need to be done so that's all there is to it! Apart from that little pleasure to look forward to, haha; and the ulcerative colitis; urge incontinence; regular flexible cystoscopies following the discovery of a transitional cell carcinoma in my bladder two years ago; hyperparathyroidism, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and post thrombotic syndrome following three nasty DVTs which developed in my right thigh five years ago, I'm in first-class health!! Were there any justice in this life I'd be under the proverbial daisies by now, but instead of that I'm nothing but a drain on valuable NHS resources. Such is life!! :)

Take care and I honestly hope that something can be done to restore your penile sensitivity. I know there are a number of gels on the market that are supposed to increase clitoral sensitivity in women and glans sensitivity in men; forgive me for asking, but I imagine you have gone down that route already?

With my very best wishes, and I expect we'll add our advice on other threads which appear on these forums.

Take care!


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