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intense itching in the groin area

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Has anyone here suffered from intense itching in the groin area. I'm 25 years old and I practice good personal hygiene but don't know why I get this problem very often. The doctor said that I had gotten jock itch and prescribed me with an anti-fungal ointment but it didn't help. I used anti-fungal body wash and tried rubbing alcohol without success. The symptoms return frequently and I'm facing with this every day. What could this problem really be? I usually have sex but my partner is completely clean and we always practice safe sex. What could help me now?

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I would consider wearing underwear that is at least 90% cotton. Briefs are the best choice since they will keep your groin nice and snug. The cotton will pull out any moisture and keep you dry. When I was in high school I got it 2 times, I am sure it was caused by sweet and moisture.

Your condition went away on its own, or did you use any remedy for it? I always wear loose clothing and cotton underwear but still feel like something hot and humid there.

It went away on it's own without medication. I believed I also did salt baths

Excessive sweat, eating too much sugar, having sexual contact with a partner who has the fungus,... can make your infection become persistent and more severe. So check your risk factors and use Fugacil anti-fungal cream. A few months ago, I caught severe jock itch and got it treated successfully with this cream.

I used a prescription antifungal ointment without seeing results. It just helped to relieve the symptoms, but was not able to kill the fungus. That's why my infection keeps coming back frequently. I really need stronger treatment for this. I've just searched online and found the cream that you suggest can remove fungi and prevent recurring jock itch. Many people with jock itch have used and recommended it. So, will give it a try and update the results if it works. Thank you.

I think it's normal that the area is itchy, especially around the pubic hairy areas. I think most mean feel itchy in those areas more often than not. That's why "crotch-scratching" is known to be common in men, and women often feel that men don't have good manners because they scratch that area so much.

Maybe it has to do with the soap you're using? I found at some point that certain soaps were more itchy than others.

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