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Getting time off work for a Circumsision



My GP has referred me to a Urologist as I’m in need of a Circumsision. Other than the fact I’m scared of the procedure it’self I’m also worried about getting time off work without people finding out why I had surgery, what I had etc.

I was wondering if any of you have gone through something similar and if so, how did you overcome taking time off work (like 2 additional weeks to annual leave) and not have any of your colleagues find out about your Circumsision. I have already visited the doctor a few times and had to take a morning off work etc and people at my work and already cracking jokes about why I am going to the doctors etc. - I work on a building site btw so this isn’t that surprising in my opinion.

Any help / advice in general would be great.


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hey man,

It has been a week since I have my procedure and it was straightforward. You have nothing to worry about as you will not feel a thing. in regards to telling your co-workers about your absence, I would either tell the truth which I did or just tell them that it's nothing serious just a regular check-up at the GP or whatever like checking if your an alcoholic and you need to cut back on your drinking. There are tons of excuses out there mate you will find one eventually!


Gnikow in reply to AndyP_300

Thanks Andy,

I appreciate your support. In terms of the actual procedure - I have been advised by my GP that 2 weeks off work is most likely needed for the recovery. - how would you suggest I get 2 weeks off (for surgical recovery). If I don’t want people at my work knowing that I got circumsised.

AndyP_300 in reply to Gnikow

Hey man.

Just say you had something in your inner thigh and you had to get it surgically removed which leads you to be unable to move your legs as much which means you have to have 2 weeks of downtime..this could work unless they want to see the stitches which is unlikely to happen unless they're gay haha.

-Goodluck bro

Mine was done many years ago only difference is that I have office job which might be bit easier because do not have to move around that much or do strenuous work. I went on say Thursday for the procedure. Took the 2 days sick leave without having to supply certificate. Then had weekend for free recovery. then went back to work on Monday and just pushed through. Was sore but managed. So maybe you can work something like this to score few days and maybe 2 weeks is max in order for the doctor to protect himself. But if you go back earlier you will have to take it slower. good support and padding can also help.

Initially I did not want to tell anybody but figured someone will eventually find out so told a couple of people and word quickly got round. Yes, there was a few wise cracks, but mostly sympathy. When you tell most guys, they wince ! Mine was due to a possible cancer risk, all clear, so everyone understood.

And to be honest if your job is very physical you may need more than a couple of weeks. Occy help at my employer would not let me back for almost 3 months. But I was getting paid. If you have to go back early, wear tight fitting pants.

What is the issue? Circumcision is very rarely necessary. You might be able to avoid losing your foreskin.

Gnikow in reply to jimfromcalif

Phimosis and recurrent balanitis.

jimfromcalif in reply to Gnikow

Both are treatable without surgery. Balanitis is almost always a yeast infection. The cause is often the use of soap to clean the inside of the foreskin. Use water only, no more than once per dat. Athlete’s Foot cream is an easily attained anti-yeast product which kills yeast. Apply twice per day, inside and outside the foreskin. Next reply addresses phimosis.

jimfromcalif in reply to Gnikow

Tightness if the opening can be relieved with stretching. Clear up the infection first. If the opening is too tight for insertion of fingers, grasp each side at the opening and pull apart, gently but firmly. Hold fuve minutes, regripping as necessary. Repeat three more times for four sessions per day. It’s essential to continue treating for yeast as you stretch. Skin expansion is a common practice in medicine which uses natural law to work. In other words, it works.

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