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Cosmetic appearance after Frenectomy

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I have a frenectomy in August of this year. The incision has healed up and sex is no longer painful. However, I have noticed that the frenectomy did not completely severe the connective tissue from between the glans and the foreskin. When the foreskin is retracted there appears to be a skin bridge all along the underside of the glans (horizontally, not vertically if that makes sense). The glans is slightly bent during and erection, but not painful. The foreskin will retract but not stay retracted. Mechanically it's not a's just that cosmetically it's not what I expected. Has anyone else had this issue? Does it just sound like I'm too picky? Can a frenectomy be redone? Thanks!

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What you describe is what a normal uncircumcised penis is like. As long as there is no pain, you're 'good to go'.

You say your foreskin will not stay retracted. It could be that the apparent "skin bridge is pulling it forward to recover the head. Or it could be that you simply have an abundant full-length foreskin.

You should thank your parents for protecting your physical integrity. Because of your physical integrity you will be able to have sex the way nature intended it.


There is a lot of wrong information being published about foreskins, apparently written by Americans who have never seen a foreskin. Most source say the foreskin automatically retracts during erection. That is only the case with short foreskins.

The automatic retraction of the foreskin on erection depends on the length of the foreskin in comparison to the length of the penis. Foreskins only retract on erection if

1. the foreskin is shorter than the erect penis and

2. the foreskin is wide enough retract over the glans penis.

A full-length foreskin does not spontaneously retract on erection but may be retracted with one’s hand provided that the skin is loose enough to pass back over the head.

The part of a full-length foreskin that extends beyond the head is called the “overhang” or the acroposthion. The tip of the foreskin or acroposthion is the location of the highly innervated ridged band and has the most sensation.

A long tapering acroposthion was regarded by the ancient Greeks as the epitome of male beauty.

When a full-length foreskin is retracted, folds of skin form around the base of the penis. When the foreskin is released the folds may unfold and push the foreskin forward into its normal position to recover the head. Some guys with long foreskins cannot keep them retracted except by holding it back with their hand. This is not usually considered to be a problem.

The full-length foreskin provides superior protection to the head of the penis. Its extra-long length helps to keep the head moist, soft, and sensitive. The full-length foreskin probably has more pleasure nerves and sensation. A longer foreskin has superior gliding action that helps in masturbation and intercourse. A longer foreskin probably has more pleasure nerves than a shorter foreskin.

All in all, a full-length foreskin is an extra blessing

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