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Day 3 post circumcision, not a great day!


Heya all! I'm now on day 4 post circumcision, but I'm posting regarding yesterday. It was kinda a rough day.

I had to go for a pee yesterday, and when I did it started to bleed quite fast. I've no idea how it happened. I did everything I could think of at home to stop the bleeding, but nothing worked.

Eventually I ended up going to hospital to get sorted. It even took them ages to get the bleeding to stop. They didn't say whether I'd pulled a stitch or not though. I ended up leaving at 1am.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? If so, what was the cause? And how did you treat it? I'm only asking as I don't want to open it up again.

Cheers all

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Cheers, that's good advice! I'll pick up some sea salt tomorrow. I do have a jock strap that I've been using though

When in case you get bleeding again which I wish would not happen to you again ..I suggest you to put pressure by clean sterile guaze for atleast 30 minutes as the area is very sensitive which has been cut many blood vessels ...chances are high after circumcision to get open one of the vessel and bleed which is NORMAL ..don't panic. Don't let the blood flow ...put the pressure ..and try to avoid painful erection try to put your feet to cold water once you realized it's erected and erection will subsidize within seconds ...and second to go pee before you go to bed and more often which will let your bladder drain and restrict erection ..wear loose cloth ..or stay naked with cotton towel on ..

satri in reply to asg2485

Cheers! I will definitely take all advice on board


Take more water . Take more rest. It has bleeded because of some pressure

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