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Post Flexible Cystoscopy


Hi, well I had the procedure done yesterday and it was what it is. The procedure was over in 10mins and there is slight discomfort when the local anaesthetic and flexible cystoscopy entered the urethra and then quite painful going through the prostate into the bladder. Feels like getting a hot knitting needle rammed up your japs eye but only lasts seconds. They fill your bladder with luke warm water and thats a weird sensation thinking you need to pee. I was wondering why i was in a surgical gown and stripped underneath and lying on a absorbent pad , now i know. Needless to say all is fine and healthy no abnormalities so that's good. It burns like buggery when you pee but been told that is like that for a day or so. Keep drinking plenty of fluids and it certainly helps and has died down now.

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Sounds like your experience turned out pretty much like I said it would. Glad it went well.

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