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Residential Rehab for Men


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Residential Rehab for men such be suited to the individual's needs, making inpatient detox and recovery a luxury, not a chore. These programs tend to incorporate recreational therapy into the rehab, as outdoor activities have been shown to enhance the commitment level as well as improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

A medical detox can provide:

-Ongoing monitoring of vital signs and withdrawal symptoms

-Trained detox specialists who can intervene promptly in an emergency

-Medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms and increase comfort

-Psychological support to guide the client safely through the detox process

-Treatment at a Residential Drug Rehab for Men

The therapies a client will engage in at rehab will include the following:

-Individual talk therapy sessions

-Group therapy sessions

-Family therapy or couples therapy if applicable

-Classes that teach about addiction and relapse prevention

-Inspiring guest speakers

-Recovery group meetings

-Medication assisted therapy if applicable

-Experiential therapies, such as yoga and mindfulness meditation

-Recreational therapies

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