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One month post circumcision surgery almost 100% back to normal now


Issues remaining:

1. Some swelling near frenulum.

2. Occasionally (particularly after erection) urine spraying

First jerk off on day 30. Happened in mins with just stimulation in shaft. Erupted like volcano absolutely amazing and way too much fun.

Very little sensitivity now. Jogged for 90 mins on day 30 no issue. Doing max capacity weight training no issue.

The circumcision surgery as I have said before is a very very minor surgery. So absolutely no need to worry. Just make sure your surgeon is really really good.

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Good to know

Glad your first jerk off was good. In time it takes a lot longer and you need to stimulate the glans. But so much better. I have to use a lubricant as I was high and tight. But great

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