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anal sex for a guy

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hi i wanted to know if i recieved anal sex, where would the sperm go? would it leak out after? or would some stay in the bowels and leak out in the next bowel movement?

what would this feel like? would the sperm cover the rim of my bumhole or go straight into the toilet after the bowel movement?

i felt a weird sensation when doing a bowel movement a couple weeks ago, in which after my bowel movement a weird sensation was felt and stuff came out and im not sure if it was sperm, which covered the rim of my bumhole and sort of dried up, is this normal after anal sex?

im not gay/bi, i recentley left my window open and im wondering if anyone came inside and drugged me and done some thing to me?

is it possible to inject a drug whilst a sleep with a pin prick type needle and sedate someone? please help guys.

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It is expected that partially it will leak out, left over will come out in next bowel. Your weird sensation may not be for sperm. Could be some other reason

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when you say it may come out in next bowel movement, will i notice or "Feel" it come out? will there be a sensation of some sort? or will it be just like a normal bowel movement.

also i wanted to know, if semen had entered my anus would my anus be sticky if left overnight and some did leak?

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Antdestroyer1 in reply to tj588

I think you'd know if you had anal. I assume you'd be very sore afterwards

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tj588 in reply to Antdestroyer1

yeh i guess so, but what if i was unconcious/sedated, what would have been the signs to look for? sticky anus? sore anus? im guessing? thanks.

i also wanted to ask, do the anal muscles relax whilst asleep or tighten up?

im guessing if did have semen in my anus, and it came out in the next bowel movement, will gravity bring it down to the toilet or would the semen residue spread out across the rim of my anus first and the the stool?

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If you had a strange bowel movement, have you continued to have them? What is really worrying you? If it is a possible STI then go get tested rather than dwelling in the realms of fantasy.

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tj588 in reply to Osidge

whats bothering me is i think i may have been given a drug to sedate me and sexually assaulted or something. i had a weird bowel movement, maybe it was diarrhea and im just overthinking it, but hypothetically, if i was i would notice the signs right?

no i havent continued to have them, i only had the one. it felt weird, like something came out and i was on the bog for 1 hour on my phone and then something dried up around my rim.

i wanted to know is there any sensation at all when semen is coming out in the next bowel movement after anal sex? a gooey sensation? those that have had anal sex and are gay would know the answers im looking for i think.

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OsidgeModerator in reply to tj588

If you really do think that you have been drugged and raped then get to a clinic and get tested. If it was recently there would likely be signs that something had gone in. A doc would be able to tell you. A DNA test on what came out would also tell if there was anything there that was not yours. That then would be a police issue.

i would have known the signs if i was inserted in? can anyone give me an indication of what i would have noticed?

throbbing pain?


if i didnt have a bowel movement i guess there would be signs of fecal matter too?

sperm leaking outside the anus overnight?

Semen comes out like any other liquid after anal sex. Guysbiftej expel it right after just by bearing down. Look up felching.

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tj588 in reply to DanWinters

i was asleep whilst i think it happned, then i guess some semen would have leaked out on to the bed sheets, underpants etc right, id notice the signs of anal sex after waking up IF it did occur?

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DanWinters in reply to tj588

Yes and you would want it again

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tj588 in reply to DanWinters

no lol, im not gay or bi.

I don't think anyone would have walked around with a needle looking to hop in an open window to sedate someone to fuck.. if you do end up having anal, i would strongly suggest to use a condom..enjoy..

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tj588 in reply to ellinaki

i think may have been targeted

It normal for me some people just careful while having it...if you don't want to regret later....thanks me....there is no medicine that can fix what you felt because I know what you feel...

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